Wednesday, January 16, 2008

School-Family Partnership Advisory Committee

Still no word on who has been appointed to the School-Family Partnership Advisory Committee. Nominations were due on November 16. The Committee's web page says that they are currently "looking to recruit more members".

I have an email from Caprice Hollins dated December 27 in which she tells me that they have nominees, have selected the recommended names and "Mr. Ruiz and I are now... taking those names to Carla and the Superintendent for a final decision"

Mr. Ruiz is Bernardo Ruiz, the new Coordinator of Family and Community Engagement. You might not know that, however, because his name, title, and contact information do not appear anywhere on the Family Involvement pages of the District web site - not even on the Contact page.

I don't get any of this.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Ruiz participated in a parents' committee meeting at my son's elementary school this morning ... Even if the website hasn't been updated yet, I take it as a good sign that he's getting out to the schools already.

Charlie Mas said...

The problem with how the District is doing their outreach and family involvement is that they are jealously keeping the initiative.

Mr. Ruiz comes to those meetings that he chooses to attend. You are accessible to him. He, however, is not accessible to you if he has not chosen you. You cannot initiate contact with him.

In this way, the District, which espouses a commitment to family involvement for ALL families, gets to pick and choose the families they will work with.