Friday, July 24, 2009

Muni League Ratings on School Board Candidates

The Municipal League issued their ratings for candidates in upcoming elections.

The Municipal League conducts non-partisan ratings of political candidates across King County using a time-tested methodology that strives for objectivity. Candidate ratings are among the most important good-government services provided by the League. Ratings are based on four criteria: Involvement, Effectiveness, Character and Knowledge. The ratings provide the only independent non-partisan, non-agenda driven evaluation of candidates. This year marks the 99th round of Municipal League ratings, conducted annually since 1911.

Here are the ratings:
In the District 5 race:
Joanna Cullen ADEQUATE
Andre Helmstetter GOOD
Kay Smith-Blum VERY GOOD

In the District 7 race:
Wilson Chin VERY GOOD
Charlie Mas VERY GOOD
Betty Patu VERY GOOD

Candidate questionnaires are also available from the Muni League web site.

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