School Board Candidate Questionnaire

For the 3rd election in a row, CPPS has assembled a School Board Candidate Questionnaire based on questions submitted to us by parents. You can read about the questionnaire and view the responses by all 8 candidates up on the CPPS web site here:


ParentofThree said…
I am wondering about Kay Smith-Blum. Did she really send her kids to private school? And if so, why hasn't she been asked about that yet, seems like a good question.
As I said, I interviewed Kay. I know she said her kids were at Montlake and Garfield. I don't know where they went for middle school.
Robert said…
I do believe they did go to PS if not it would have been just breiflY this is from an email exchange just after she anounced she was running:

"My children attended Montlake, Lowell, Washington and Garfield. The twins graduated in 2006, last class in the old building. I have been a public school advocate ALL my life, a product of public schools in Austin TX. My folks were activists all their lives in our schools as well."
She has three boys. The oldest was split public/private. Her two youngest went K-12 all public.
katweb said…
Just curious....Was her private kid in the "regular program" and her public kids in APP?
Before I spend a lot more time obsessing over where Ms. Smith-Blum's kids went to school (they did mostly go to public school), everyone should read the CPPS Q&As. I found them quite interesting and they helped me.

I'm starting a separate thread on my observations of the answers.
Unknown said…
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