Friday, July 31, 2009

School Board Candidate Questionnaire

For the 3rd election in a row, CPPS has assembled a School Board Candidate Questionnaire based on questions submitted to us by parents. You can read about the questionnaire and view the responses by all 8 candidates up on the CPPS web site here: http://www.cppsofseattle.org/News/Elect09/qhome.html.


ParentofThree said...

I am wondering about Kay Smith-Blum. Did she really send her kids to private school? And if so, why hasn't she been asked about that yet, seems like a good question.

Melissa Westbrook said...

As I said, I interviewed Kay. I know she said her kids were at Montlake and Garfield. I don't know where they went for middle school.

Robert said...

I do believe they did go to PS if not it would have been just breiflY this is from an email exchange just after she anounced she was running:

"My children attended Montlake, Lowell, Washington and Garfield. The twins graduated in 2006, last class in the old building. I have been a public school advocate ALL my life, a product of public schools in Austin TX. My folks were activists all their lives in our schools as well."

Andrew Kwatinetz said...

She has three boys. The oldest was split public/private. Her two youngest went K-12 all public.

katweb said...

Just curious....Was her private kid in the "regular program" and her public kids in APP?

Melissa Westbrook said...

Before I spend a lot more time obsessing over where Ms. Smith-Blum's kids went to school (they did mostly go to public school), everyone should read the CPPS Q&As. I found them quite interesting and they helped me.

I'm starting a separate thread on my observations of the answers.

Unknown said...

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