Community Engagement Opportunity

A Family and Community Engagement Symposium has been scheduled for April 24. The symposium will feature Dr. Susan Enfield, SPS Chief Academic Officer, as keynote speaker. A wide array of workshops also will be offered to provide information to families about strategies to support learning. The symposium is FREE for families and will be held at Aki Kurose Middle School from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.; interpreters will be available. Please note that the event was moved to Aki Kurose from the original location at the John Stanford Center to provide additional space for families. Click here for more information.


dan dempsey said…
Would Dr. Enfield care to fully explain Dr. Goodloe-Johnson's appeal of Judge Spector's Math decision?

Of course not ... because it is in litigation.

Explaining the SPS's strong belief in the right to exclude evidence in decision-making (will not pass the straight face test) so why try?

How about the ongoing failure of the administration to fulfill the requirements of RCW 28A.645.020 can that be explained?

How about the tremendous deficits of the NTN schools? no comment in litigation.

How about the recently filed "Writ of Mandamous" at the Supreme Court...any comment on that?

How about how far off track the EDM elementary school math is at this point in time given WA Math Standards and recently released Common Core Standards ... Hey that one is NOT in litigation ... can we have a response?

Let Dr. Enfield begin with explaining these two documents:

A... a review of common core HERE.

B... EDM's response to Common Core

I look forward to something being explained. ...
.... Someday.

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