FYI, Tomorrow

Just found out that the Board retreat tomorrow is an open meeting but it's like a committee meeting - no interaction permitted. So if you are interested:

Capitol Hill Public Library
425 Harvard Av E
Seattle WA 98102
Board Retreat
March 13, 2010, 10:30am

Oddly, the agenda for the Board meeting for next week on the 17th is not yet available. I suspect that it will be a dogfight for the speakers list so get that phone call or e-mail into the Board office right at 8 am. Your best chance is to be addressing an Action item or Intro item so check that agenda.

Also, just to follow up, there is a chart at the SB webpage on previous meetings. It says this about the Jan. 10th meeting:

Approval of NTN contract for Cleveland STEM

Michael De Bell just let me know that the NTN contract will be introduced at the meeting this week. So what did they vote on in January? I think they voted on picking NTN to be the provider, not the actual contract but that's what we were told.


dan dempsey said…

Introductory ITEM 3-17-2010
NTN $ 800,000 contract

SET for Action on 4-7-2010

HEY I SUNK $350 into the SPS never mind just fooling NTN fake signing on 2-3-2010

I still want all my evidence by 3-25-10 I paid for it and I want it...... maybe I'll get a peek at the contract that was never there.
dan dempsey said…
Now there you go again....

"I think they voted on picking NTN to be the provider, not the actual contract but that's what we were told. "

Believing "what you were told". That seems to be an ongoing BIG Mistake for many of us.

Believing that the SPS is a regular provider of the truth as we think of it .... can only lead to trouble.

Remember there is a just in time delivery system for SPS truth delivery .... which is good because the truth varies from day to day. You would not want to be caught using yesterday's truth when today's truth is so readily available.

Believing what you were told yesterday is just not going to cut it. It is the up to the moment truth that needs to be used.

"told" indicates past tense ... thus not a currently viable truth.

How silly to believe what you were told. GET with the Program...please.
Charlie Mas said…
Interaction is permitted during committee meetings. The old board used to do it.
Chris S. said…
Did anybody go to any of the board retreat?

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