Just So Cute, I Had to Post It

From our friends at the West Seattle Blog,

During a recent visit to Denny International Middle School, we spotted that poster in the hallway. Took the photo with the intent to follow up – and before we got around to doing that, we got a note from “lunch lady” Doree Fazio-Young, who told us all about it: This Friday, she and her manager Sue Trainer - who’ve worked together as Denny “lunch ladies” for 20 years! – are hoping EVERY student at Denny will eat lunch at school. If they do, Doree and Sue could break what Doree says is a Seattle Public Schools record, and Denny record, “for feeding everyone in attendance at school that day.” Not only will they be working hard to serve hundreds of lunches, they’ll also be celebrating two special occasions: Doree turns 50, and Sue marks 30 years at Denny (10 years before Doree got there!). By the way, lunch at Denny isn’t just your average school lunch – it’s the regionally renowned Denny Diner (as explained here), which is why you see that phrase in the poster. Lunch at Denny starts at 10:45 am, but of course Doree and Sue start working on it hours ahead of time.
(This happens on March 12th, FYI).

That's fun, that's school spirit and those are people who care about a school.


Charlie Mas said…
Here's a link to the West Seattle Blog story.

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