Friday, December 27, 2013

Friday Open Thread

Interesting news about the necessity of dental X-rays for kids from the Los Angeles Times. 

The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that Chicago Public Schools is making computer science a core subject.  

In the next three years, every high school will offer a foundational computer science course, and within five years, CPS plans to be the first urban district offering kindergarten through eighth-grade computer courses, officials said.

“The new bilingual is knowing computer code writing, and what we’re setting up today, while it’s a good foundation, the fact is that in the UK and in China, computer science and computer coding is now fundamental to elementary school education, and we’re playing catch-up to that effort,” the mayor added.

The Chicago Teachers Union said the initiative partnering with the nonprofit code.org for free computer science curriculum and teacher training is positive on its face, but pointed out most schools still struggle for basic resources.

“It’s a nice bubble gum and popsicles announcement, but is it going to be done fairly? Which schools are going to get adequate computer equipment?” CTU spokesman Michael Harrington said. “Remember, we’re still dealing with over 100 schools with no library, and just as many with no librarians.”

What's on your mind?


mirmac1 said...

I've loved having a few days to hang with my sweetie during the holidays.

dw said...

mirmac, I'll bet the feeling is mutual. ;-)

Greenwoody said...

There are a lot of organizations in the area that claim to be supportive of education but are in fact vehicles for the Gates Foundation and others of their ilk to privatize and destroy our schools. Are there any organizations out there that a new parent with the interest in fighting back for public education and some experience at organizing can get involved with? Or do I need to start something on my own?

Anonymous said...


Here are a couple of options:

Community and Parents for Seattle Public Schools

Parents Across America

League of Women Voters - Seattle Chapter seems to be progressive on education (I can't find a good link but check out the local and state positions)

The Network for Public Education has local affliates but not any organizations per se

The PTA isn't really challenging the status quo in what I have observed though the new president seems to be taking a different tack for the better.

Ann D