Washington State and Transparency in Public Records/Meetings

From Representative Gerry Pollet:

I will be prime sponsor in House of AG Bob Ferguson's open government agenda bill (HB 2121).

We've spent the past year collaborating and refining the bill to require that public officials take an on-line training to learn their obligations to the public to meet in open public meetings, and ensure that the public has access to public records. Watch the AG's news conference here from TVW.

 I will also be introducing a constitutional amendment to undo the recent State Supreme Court decision giving Nixon-like Executive Privilege to the Governor to hide public records and corporate lobbying (the decision was not about Gov Inslee, who pledges not to claim Executive Privilege). 

The 3rd piece of my open government agenda is HB 1197 to guarantee that you have a right to comment at a city / county or other council or state agency board meeting BEFORE the council or agency takes action. Many councils and board don't take comment until AFTER they have voted, or don't allow public comment at all!

End of statement

I believe transparency IS the most important issue in a democratic society and plan to support these efforts.  If you agree, please let your own legislators know.  Here's a link to contacting them.


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