Tuesday Open Thread

For once, I am actually looking forward to going down to the JSCEE.  Not that I hate it but it's usually for some lengthy meeting.  Nope, today I get to see the installation of some new Board members.  It is very nice to see some family member standing proudly next to the new Board member.  It's a warm, fuzzy feeling and a brief shining moment, the Board stands as one (even if it's just for a photo). 

I note that over at Crosscut, they continue their diatribe about the "dysfunctional" School Board (this in an article about the challenges that Murray faces).  They call the Board "three disheartened reformers" and the "backlash faction of four members representing union concerns over testing issues and parents who want more direct control."  Geez, can you give the new Board a chance and not start Monday-morning quarterbacking from the get-go?  And parents, back off, will ya?  Apparently you are just supposed to send your kid to school and keep your mouth shut (and yes, raise lots of money for your school).

On a happier note, more good things at Rainier Beach (also from Crosscut).   The kids are learning to cook.

What's on your mind?


Democracy Works said…
Brewster absolutely refuses to acknowledge the difference between dysfunction and democracy.

Brewster continues to patronize parents; the same individuals that have spent YEARS dealing with curriculum, outdated textbooks, lack of resources, administrators, teachers given the impossible task of meeting EVERY student's need and a financially stressed system.

When will he and his ilk learn that parents matter?

Lynn said…
We should be seeing a
survey from the district on the idea of flipping bell times. Unless it's already come out and I missed it?
Eric B said…
Lynn, the Board needs to push staff if we're going to get a survey out any time soon. Right now, staff doesn't think the Board thinks it's a priority.

Heh. WV is morData
Anonymous said…
I just got an email from Superintendent Banda (addressed to NE families) concerning the boundary changes that were voted in Nov 20th, with a link to an address look up tool. The address look up tool has us in the John Rogers, Eckstein MS and Nathan Hale HS attendance areas, even though we are solidly within the new Jane Addams MS attendance area.

The email states that the address look up tool will be updated by the end of the week to reflect the changes voted in, but WHY would the superintendent send the email out prior to updating the address look up tool???

This just adds to the confusion!!!

- North-end Mom
Josh Hayes said…
Interesting article in the NYT today about the move away from "zero-tolerance" policies. A welcome move, IMO.

Seeing the Toll, Schools Revise Zero Tolerance
Dora said…
There's one item coming up at the board meeting tomorrow that requires our attention.

Testimony regarding Race to the Top funds for Seattle and student privacy
Eric B said…
Can anyone point me to the SPS ADA Transition Plan? It's supposed to be available to the public, but I can't find it easily on the website. Many Thanks!
Anonymous said…
My kid will be one of the ones told that he will have to move out of Eckstein and attend JAMS. We're actually excited about the opportunity to help create a positive community at the new school.

We're severely disappointed that the district and Eckstein administration have done nothing to acknowledge the difficulty that students will be having with the transition.

It would have been amazing if the Eckstein principal said, "we know this recent decision is disruptive to all our students. We will do everything to help the students who are moving have a positive transition. We are inviting the new principal into our school to show everyone that we're working together for the students." That proactive thoughtful humane response would have done wonders. It would have helped our kid feel like someone in the district cared about individual students. It would have been really nice.

The recent mass email that has old information in the address lookup was just another example of how unaware the district is.

Like I said, we're looking forward to helping create a great community at JAMS where every kid and family will be honored.

- Positive Attitude
Anonymous said…
I agree about the need for positive and inclusive 'messaging' about the splits. We are also expecting to be in the MOVING group after thinking we were in the STAYING group (HIMS to JAMS). Its odd that there was no message from the school that I saw. Also, the same week we received email about the availability of Spirit wear - clothing bearing the school motto and logo to inspire school spirit.

Poor timing. I felt like giving the finger.

Okay, I know its not the adult response and I am not that opposed to being in one group versus the other. Just the way the whole thing is handled is so impersonal.

We are just capacity being shifted. Not people.
mirmac1 said…
New director Stephan Blanford gave an interesting speech at his swearing-in ceremony last night. He called out the "unprecedented" scale of his victory over his opponent and suggested he had a mandate. Sounds like he thinks he has "political capital" to do spend on the "leadership" this and "leadership" that he went on about. I felt I was at an Alliance for Education board retreat or something.
Anonymous said…
Blandford? Mandate? I don't think so.

He was like a cardboard cutout during the campaign. His only merit was that no stronger candidates opposed him, and those that did backed off or made questionable choices (Green).

Anonymous said…
I am curious what people thought about the Ed Reform editorial I thought it was well done.

-WS Mom
WS Mom, I was going to write a separate thread on that. I wasn't as happy with it as you were but there the discussion.
Balada said…
Yes, Kimberly Mitchell's ed reform piece was thought provoking in its lack of data and regurgitation of speaking points. She failed to mention Charter Schools. I left a long comment on the seattle times comments section under Balada.

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