Thursday, August 13, 2015

Meetings Galore Today

Update 3: Summit Seattle #2 application was approved by the Washington State Charter Commission.  They will open in Fall 2016.  (There was some interesting discussion here that I will report on.  I continue to be pleased by the thoughtfulness of both the Charter Commission members and staff.)

Update 2: SOAR charter in Tacoma is scheduled to open on Monday the 17th. However, SOAR's benchmarks not been satisfied.  They include a lack of Sped policies and procedures, staff qualifications (4 of 7 don't have proper certification or emergency certification), child abuse/neglect training not done as well as other school safety/health.  Staff says these items could get done in time but if not, SOAR will not open its doors.

Update 1: the Washington State Charter Commission unanimously approved the charter application for Willow School in Walla Walla.  They will open in Fall 2016.

end of update

I'm at the Charter Commission meeting today as they vote on the final approval/disapproval of two charter applications - Willow and Summit (in Walla Walla and Seattle respectively).  Summit will be the second charter in Seattle (in the ID WestSeattle) and would share in any BTA IV levy dollars (along with First Place Scholars, if they stay in business) if BTA IV passes in Feb. 2016.

I'm also going to the Board's Executive Committee meeting this afternoon (I'd like to drop into the A&F Committee meeting but I think the Executive Committee meeting will take most of my focus).

FYI, on the A&F agenda, check out pages 16-27, wherein we find that the District wants to give all non-represented staff a raise.  About 3% over the next couple of years and seemingly based on the fact that represented staff are getting a raise.

But...isn't that because represented staff got a raise (after years of not getting one) because of McCleary dollars?  This raise for non-represented staff is going to cost the District nearly $1M.

But the information on those pages is VERY illuminating if you ever wondered who gets paid what.  AND we finally know that JSCEE staff does NOT work on a full-year schedule.  There are 260-day employees, 204-day employees and 223-day employees.  Mystery solved about the powering down in the summer.  (I will note that like school staff, many JSCEE staff work much longer than an 8-hour day most weeks during their work year.)


Anonymous said...

I am confused. Will there be a Summit opening this Fall 2015 in the ID? And a second Summit opening in West Seattle in Fall of 2016

L squared

mdarenivar said...


Melissa Westbrook said...

L,as you can see from my strike-thru, I misspoke. The Summit school approved yesterday is in West Seattle. There are two other Summits: Olympus (not in Olympia but Tacoma) and Sierra (in the ID). Both of those open this fall and the new one in West Seattle opens in 2016.

Summit says that it is good with three but I'm sure if these go well, more will come. I note that they are doing a very heavy reachout in West Seattle as numerous people tell me they received robocalls and mailers.

Melissa Westbrook said...

I always like when the Alliance comes to visit but it would seem they would want to take care of their own blog. But apparently the Alliance does not know what a blog is or does.

Anonymous said...

Isn't SOAR charter the one that Kristina Bellamy-McClain, TFA wunderkind is running and got $100,000 to start up? Those are some pretty serious issues that they still need to work through in a short amount of time. Yikes. Sure hope those parents kept their enrollment spot in Tacoma PUBLIC school district.