Tuesday, August 04, 2015

School Board Election Results

Update from the 4:15 pm drop today by King County Elections:

Lauren McGuire    6004  (47.24%)
Jill Geary               5817  (45.77%)

Geary has closed the gap between the two candidates to less than 200 votes.

Leslie Harris            5,240 (46.76%)
Marty McLaren       4.338 (38.69%)

Harris has increased her lead by about 200 more votes.

end of update

It would seem the establishment candidates are in trouble.

District 3 (with 21.61% of the vote counted)

Lauren McGuire    5,420 (47.79%)
Jill Geary               5,116 (45.11%)

It's a 300+ vote difference in a district that should have been a stronghold for McGuire.  Both women now have to play to a much wider audience.

District 6 (with 18.39% of the vote counted)

Leslie Harris            4,493 (46.0%)
Marty McLaren       3,803 (38.93%)

That's nearly 700 votes more for Harris and again, in the district where McLaren should have been strongest.

One interesting aside is that while District 6 has nearly 4,000 more registered voters, District 3 had the much larger vote count.  Maybe it was distracting for West Seattle with all those City Council candidates.

Next vote drop is scheduled for 4:30 pm tomorrow (includes votes cast at the accessible voting centers).