Rally for Recess

Rally for Recess & Equity, August 27, Leschi Elementary @ 11 AM 

This Thursday, 11am at Leschi Elementary (135 32nd Ave., 98122) Rally for Recess and Equity. 

Half the schools in the district get 30 minutes or less of recess--most of that half are 15-20. All in the name of more class instruction. Kids need to move to learn. They need to let off steam, they need to be outside, they need unstructured time and social skill-building time. 

The schools with least recess? Central and south end. This is an equity issue. And one of many sticking points in the contract negotiations. Bring kids!



Jonathan Knapp said…

Please have the courtesy to state that this event is organized and sponsored by the Seattle Education Association as part of our members' action plan to get the district moving on our contract bargaining proposals for students.

We are united for guaranteed recess for all elementary children, for limits on standardized testing, for reasonable workloads of classified employees and ESAs, for fair evaluations systems for both classified and certificated employees, for action on equity in schools and disproportionate discipline, and for fair wages that will allow educators to live in the city we serve.


Jonathan Knapp
Seattle Education Association
Anonymous said…
Easy now, Mr. Knapp. She did you the courtesy of putting out the announcement for you; no need to get snippy. I don't know how many people would have heard of the event if she hadn't--certainly not me. Ya know, you could have simply posted a comment that said "Thanks, Melissa. FYI, this event is being organized by... "

cmj said…
Jonathan Knapp wrote "...this event is organized and sponsored by the Seattle Education Association as part of our members' action plan to get the district moving on our contract bargaining proposals for students." (italics mine)

What the heck is a "contract bargaining proposal for students"?

Melissa, thanks for posting the announcement. Students desperately need more recess.
Anonymous said…
I'm with you Gratefuldad. Some leadership ....

AH Parent
Anonymous said…
I am still trying to figure out what organization is "for the students".

The SEA's responsibilities are to "its members".

SPS upper level management is for "themselves".

DFER and LEV and the Washington Policy Center are each for their "own agenda".

The SPS Board is for the district "not be sued".

The PTA is now funded to some extent by Gates.

The Vendors are for "vendor profits".

So who is "for the Students"?

Inquiring Mind
seattle citizen said…
Inquiring Mind, teachers, SAEOPS, Parapros are for the students. Most of the bargaining points reflect the rank and file's desire to make sure students are better served. Recess, lunch, extended day (arguing for IAS to extend, as well) less testing...
And other bargaining points indirectly impact students - better evaluation, better pay....
The union of educators absolutely has the students in mind at the bargaining table.
Anonymous said…
Typo alert that should read Leschi.

-spell check
Anonymous said…
Wow - snippy indeed when Melissa is actually helping YOU out, Mr. Knapp. Following the link in the title goes to a Facebook invite. Did you get snippy with them, too, for not prominently displaying SEA's involvement? No wonder most of the Seattle teachers I know just shrug their shoulders or roll their eyes when they discuss union leadership (not union membership).

Eloise said…
Can we spell pedantic?
Anonymous said…
I agree with seattle citizen. I want the bargaining team to offer proposals that benefit students. As a teacher, I find it's in my direct interest for the bargaining team to do this because I care about students.

One would think that the district shared that interest.

David Edelman
Anonymous said…
About 10 years ago I was at a meeting in which the union head essentially started the meeting off by reading for 2 minutes out of the contract (I think he said it was like the preamble or something). I shook my head and said "he's just another bureaucrat... just happens to be working for the union instead of the district leadership". Despite agreeing the rally is a good idea I fear bureaucratic self-promotion crept in here. Sorry.

Please don't let the bureaucratic self-promotion interfere with what I think overall is a good platform the bargaining team is using to represent us. I have a bit of a difference of opinion about a part of it (no need to dissect here, and despite having a common union we're obviously still individuals), but overall I am much more bothered by the lack of district engagement than minor differences with the platform. Jonathan's under a lot of pressure right now, so although bothered by the tone it's also making me more annoyed with the delay tactics of the district. Rushing is when people make mistakes and less than ideal judgments (me too) and so this actually contributes to my thinking that no matter what, due to the rush of whatever is done this next week (or 2 or 3 but hopefully just this week!!) will be less than ideal for all parties because of the rush.

Board/Board Candidates (if you're reading) - I'd like to see district leadership, via pressure from the Board, have accountability for true negotiating discussions along the way. There are lots of very legitimate policy issues to coordinate each contract (and yeah, raises may always be the last to resolve) but actually showing to meetings and genuinely discussing. District coaches and meetings always overdo this thing about NORMS anyhow... how about a norm of actually showing up to and engaging in meetings! Minimize stress and better results all the way around in the end.

Union Teacher
Thanks to SEA for organizing this event. As one of the parents who has been involved in the Lunch and Recess advocacy movement since last fall, it's fantastic to see the union getting involved in this fight on behalf of the kids who need more time to play and eat.

Every time this issue has been raised with district staff, they've said that one obstacle to solving it is the teacher contract. Well, SEA has stepped up and made a solid proposal to address that aspect of it - and the district rejected it out of hand. The district has also refused to adopt the Wellness Policy as recommended by the task force, which included strong protections for lunch and recess time. The district has been slow to adopt a Recess Policy, although Tacoma has had one since 2007 - and the district remains out of compliance with their existing Lunch Policy, with principals generally ignoring the policy without consequence.

I can't attend tomorrow, but I urge those who can participate to do so, and stand with the teachers and the parents for a fair contract that addresses the needs of the whole child, as SEA seeks.
Anonymous said…
@ Union teacher, why don't you email them and ask? I found this on another post.

District 1 - Michael Christophersen sld.advocate.seattle@gmail.com

- Scott Pinkham nimiipuu@gmail.com

District 2 - Rick Burke rick@rickburke4schools.com

- Laura Gramer LauraGramerSeattleSchool@gramer.com

District 3 - Jill Geary jillforseattleschools@gmail.com

- Lauren McGuire info@laurenforschools.com

District 6 - Leslie Harris harrislsh@comcast.net

- Marty McLaren martyforschools@outlook.com

Who knows they might answer you?

Thanks for enduring all they are throwing at you.

Good luck

I think most candidates would answer you but I continue to wonder that some do not have any visible place to see their stands or have the most minimal of information.
Watching said…
I'm very happy that SEA organized this event.

For myself, I'm more interested in knowing whether or not Knapp will allow Burgess and the city insert themselves into union negotiations via P5 alignment. As per usual, I'll be "watching"....:)
Sarah Lang said…
I don't find Knapp's request "snippy" in the slightest. It makes perfect sense that he would want this action separate from the "Lunch & Recess Matter" efforts of parents like myself. I'm sad that his perceived tone has become more of a talking point in this thread than the actual rally and what they are trying to achieve.

I second Robert Cruikshank's post and am delighted that the Teachers' Union are supportive of this important issue.
Anonymous said…
Agreed and nicely stated :)
If you know Knapp, it is snippy. And you'll note he doesn't thank parents who planned to participate and who publicized the event.

I agree the rally is the thing but he made it his thing.

Don't shoot the messenger.
cmj said…
KUOW article about the recess rally: http://kuow.org/post/seattle-teachers-want-least-45-minutes-recess

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