Contact the Governor NOW

I'm going to offer the simplest advice I can on the levy cliff. There is NO reason it has to happen. 
I urge everyone to call 360-902-4111 or,
email or 
tweet @GovInslee 
and tell him to put pressure on the Legislature to have a one-day special session to extend the levy deadline from 2017 to 2018.

Remind him that until the Legislature completes McCleary work, districts should not suffer even more from a lack of fully funded schools.

Yes, contact your own legislator as well but I'm hoping that if the Governor feels the full force of citizens begging for this, he can make it clear that whatever the Legislature wants to get done when they do convene their regular session, nothing will get his signature.


alex said…
Called. That was easy. And I will do so again & again. There is no recession. There is no reason for this "crisis."
Anonymous said…
Done. Left a message which will be transcribed and saved as official record. I told a story about how wonderful my child's teacher is, and how this teacher is new because he was previously a librarian. This teacher is amazing, my son loves him, and this teacher ha two young children. If this teacher gets a lay off notice because our Governor and state reps do not agree on how to fund education, I will be beyond angry. We cannot let this teacher, his family, or our students down. We should not be living with the fear of reductions in force. Shame on them!!!

Call today
Thank you, thank you. I put this up at Soup for Teachers and Washington's Paramount Duty and I tweeted the Governor.

He needs to hear this to give him the muscle to protect schools now.
SPS Mom said…
Just called. They are tallying and they encouraged us to also write in on their webform at:
kellie said…
Mel's assessment of this is absolutely correct. This is an artificial crisis.

However, because of the requirement for balanced budgets, districts everywhere are being forced to waste a tremendous amount of time, energy and money, to participate in this fire drill. Every day this artificial crisis continues, hundreds of projects are in limbo.

There is a very real cost to this nonsense and I concur with Melissa that the Governor needs to step in and resolve it, because the legislature is unlikely to do so.

Well, here's my hope.

The Governor, loudly and openly, pressures the Legislative leaders to have a one-day special session to extend the levy date to 2018.

If that call is not heeded (and I'll call that like Jan. 10th), then we turn to the Supreme Court, again, via emails, calls, etc.

Because it is one thing for the Legislature to drag their collective feet on McCleary and another to add more misery to an already bad situation for districts in this state.

I would hope the dire consequences for districts would move the SC to act against the Legislature and we see the hammer come down.
Anonymous said…
What cause would the Supreme Court have to act at this point? Hearings were held this past fall and the SC did not rule on any additional sanctions. The court could not act now without cause nor without a hearing on the issue(s).

And you would suggest that citizens email, call, etc. the SC? Are you suggesting that citizens politicize court proceedings?

Personally, I think SPS should go through the budget exercise of assuming the levy cliff. A budget, among other things, is a statement of values. I would like to see what the administration and the board value. I disagree with Kellie that it is nonsense and a tremendous waste of time.

Clarence, the SC is still fining the Legislature and did say they might go further. That's all I know.

I think offering an opinion to the Court doesn't "politicize" anything. It offers support to their ruling without saying what political party you are. Citizens are allowed to write to the Court but, of course, the Court will remain silent.

And fyi, the district does a budget every single year and we see those values in action. An "exercise" in cutting $70M+ seems folly.
Anonymous said…
They did say they will reserve their authority to increase the sanctions following the legislative session. Calling the state back now to impose additional sanctions without allowing the legislature to take that action in the time the court allowed would not be right.

The levy cliff is a different, though related matter.

When I say politicize the court, I didn't mean partisan. I meant trying to influence the court through political acts such as protest, letter writing, pressuring, etc. The court should act only through the constitutional boundaries and authority granted to it. To take action based on public sentiment undermines its authority and duty.

I know the district does a budget every year. I think this exercise under a potential (if manufactured) crisis would show how the district responds to such a crisis. We can agree to disagree.

Anonymous said…

NW parent
Kathleen S. said…

In addition to the Governor and state representatives, I think it is a good idea to contact House leader Gael Tarleton (360-786-7860), Senate leader Sharon Nelson (360-786-7667) and Frank Chopp via his legislative assistant at

These individuals represent Seattle and hold leadership positions. This issue must be dealt with at the beginning of the legislative session. It is unreasonable to expect the district to go through the exercise of laying off 400 teachers.
Kathleen S. said…
Inslee could threaten to use his veto power. He did so last year and can do so, again.
And that's what I said, Kathleen - Inslee can refuse to sign anything until this gets done (or veto). You're right; he did it last year and so they know he is serious.
Anonymous said…
FYI - Dino Rossi to fill Andy Hill'a senate seat in the 45th. Wondering what this will mean for McCleary negotiations.

Funding Now
Calling the governor and calling legislators is a very useful thing to do. They all need to hear constant pressure to solve this - even our local Seattle representatives who vote the right way. But we also need to help organize our friends and family who live outside Seattle, because legislators from around the state need to hear that same kind of pressure. So thank you Melissa for sharing this.

As to the Supreme Court and the levy cliff - the Supreme Court declined to increase the sanctions on the legislature because they believed the legislature had made progress. But the levy cliff would be an example of the legislature regressing, and would trigger greater sanctions. Washington's Paramount Duty tried to make a motion on this to the Court but as WPD is not a party to the McCleary case, that wasn't possible. A district like SPS, however, might just be able to do it.
Anonymous said…
Send Gov. Inslee an e-message:
We're sorry, this page is temporarily unavailable due to system upgrade. The form is expected to be down from approximately 5:00 PM December 8 to 8:00 AM December 12, 2016.

Thank you for your patience.


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