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The Governor has announced that he wants to have a new department, for Families, Children and Youth, to provide a streamlined, one-stop service agency for those citizens. This makes sense to me.  I think better outcomes, faster, for children in need is what we all want and this could be it.  From the News Tribune:

Governor Jay Inslee wants to create a new cabinet-level department called the Department of Children, Youth and Families. 
Under a plan announced this week as part of his two-year budget proposal, the current Department of Early Learning would be merged with Child Protective Services, juvenile justice programs, foster care services and other child-welfare programs currently administered by the Department of Social and Health Services.

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One reason I love Seattle and The Stranger is this great (and lengthy) list of fun things to do in the coming weeks (many of them free which, at the holidays, is a great word.)

There are two director community meetings tomorrow with Patu and Harris; info at

What's on your mind?


Charlie Mas said…
I'm reading the CSIPs, but there's not a lot to be learned from them. The goals generally look okay, but we all know that there's no accountability associated with them. There's no consequence if schools reach their goals or fall short. There's very little detail about strategies. For example, "Create more rigorous classes by clustering Spectrum and Scholar students in all English Language Arts and Social Studies classes, increasing challenge and rigor for all students" How does that work?

The whole CSIP process feels meaningless and, consequently, sad. They have a disturbing combination of vague plans and specific goals. They all remind me of my own empty commitments to go to the gym and work out.
Charlie Mas said…
Here's another example of a mysterious statement in a CSIP:
"We meet ALO standards in reading in the classroom setting through careful planning and preparation, organization of standards and flexible groups." - View Ridge

What are ALO standards?
Empty Promises said…
The CSIPs are like the school slogans:

RESPECT: Give it and get it!

They sound nice, but these advertising slogans are usually carefully chosen to cover up just the thing the school sucks worst at. Not modeling excellence very well? Stick a slogan over that festering wound and hope no one notices.
Charlie, I'll have to read some of this and call this out to the Board. It won't do any good but at least it will be on the record.
Anonymous said…
We stopped allowing the stranger in our shop because of all the vulgarity and inappropriate gay potty talk. We just couldn't risk offending our customers or having young children read it.

It's too bad because they do have a great entertainment section, but I guess they just want pot smoking LGBT S&M readers.

Too bad
Lynn said…
Together Everyone Achieves More! (Get it? TEAM)

Charlie's Spectrum and Scholar students example is familiar. I can see how that would increase challenge and rigor for general education students if teachers weren't providing it before. Poor Washington Scholars. How are they going to access challenge and rigor when all of the Spectrum students move to Meany next year? There must be some other students they can bring in to create blended classrooms.
seattle citizen said…
One of the most disturbing slogans came out of the Gates Foundation about ten years ago, which demonstrated a pathetically narrow definition of the purpose of education - what, we don't want broadly educated citizens? Just worker bees?

"ensure all students in the district graduate from high school ready for college and work.”

This in regard to Gates "helping" SPS achieve its goals, as set by committee under Manhas, by donating money and directing policy.
n said…
So close to my heart. Do you have any idea how much time we spend in meetings coming up with this #r#p. I'd rather be planning.
dj said…
I just got a robocall from SPS about the initial round of cogat testing from the fall. It said to look out for an email with a scheduled test date if your child would be scheduled for further testing, but did not seem to mention (as I recall from my older kids) that notice of scores or anything like that would be mailed or emailed. I can't replay the message. For those of you who had kids take the screening test in the fall, have you heard anything back? When did your child test? Is the idea here that we will only hear from them if our child is scheduled for further testing?
Lynn said…
You could look in the source to see if the scores have been loaded there.
So I am hearing that a sub at Whitman has been placed on administrative leave with some students saying this person made them "uncomfortable." If there are any Whitman parents who have heard more about this (as there is some question as to how quickly the principal and ED acted), let me know,
So I am hearing that a sub at Whitman has been placed on administrative leave with some students saying this person made them "uncomfortable." If there are any Whitman parents who have heard more about this (as there is some question as to how quickly the principal and ED acted), let me know,

Also, the Communications department sent out an email with the subject line: "new board members." I quickly opened it, wondering what could have happened. The title of the press release was "Seattle School Board elects new officers." That's a very different thing.
Anonymous said…
I have not heard anything back (other than the robocall). My child did the screening test in October. I checked the Source as well. No results there.

Not impressed

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