Monday, April 03, 2017

Getting Unpleasant at House Budget Hearing

From WPD Facebook via Robert Cruickshank
If you watched today's testimony, you saw numerous people, including business owners, who would pay the taxes in the House budget (capital gains and B&O) step up to say they supported it because our children come first. 

But one lobbyist for our state's biggest companies, including Walmart, Shell, Uber, AT&T, Blue Cross, and more, claims in this tweet that it was just a room full of "spenders" (as if you can reduce parents and children to that) and no "payers". 

Just a sign of what we're up against. But we can and will win this battle, because when it comes to ensuring every child has an amply funded public education, losing is not an option.
I would remind Mr. Gano that every adult in that room pays taxes.  Appalling.


Robert Cruickshank said...

Thanks! Though I'd say the hearing itself was not just pleasant, it was fantastic. So many parents and community members showed up to support the House Dems' revenue proposals - and to urge them to go further. By our count, 63 people testified in support, with about 36 people in opposition. We had people who would pay the capital gains tax, who would pay the B&O surcharge, and who would even pay both show up in support. The head of Essential Baking Company was among them - I always loved their bread, now I'm going to go out and buy some more.

Republicans are desperately trying to protect the biggest corporations and richest individuals from paying more in taxes. Glad that the people of our state are pushing back. The legislature's paramount duty is to amply fund our schools, not to keep taxes low on the richest people and biggest businesses.

Mr. Magoo said...

Yup, the B&O surcharge has us small business folks propping up education. The baristas and the quilters and the copyeditors and the sole proprietors and the freelancers. I'm happy to pay my share, but I'm annoyed that all the big corporations that employ more than one person (like Walmart, Shell, Uber, AT&T, Blue Cross, etc.) want to get out of paying their share AND CAN AFFORD TO PAY LOBBYISTS TO GET THAT POINT ACROSS. We small guys can't afford lobbyists. On the other hand: educating the next generation. Like I said, I'm happy to pay. I'm just sad we have so many freeloading big companies who don't pay their share and can afford to skirt taxes and hire lobbyists and fancy bookkeepers and all that.

Anonymous said...

Agreed - the exchange of money to lobbyists like Gano so that they can curry favor with legislators via wine-soaked dinners and other favors is endemic and it is going to destroy America - mark my words. And there are a number of businesses, many of whom are part of the cabal of organizations funding charter schools, whose job is to secure offshore holdings to avoid taxes. It is time to put a microscope on these people. I have always rued the favoritism of corporations over small businesses. Small businesses should have the tax breaks not AT&T and MillerCoors. Kudos to our Washington small businesses for doing the right thing. I always seek out ways to support you with my dollars.


Anonymous said...

Yet another reason to avoid WalMart.