Telephone and Network Access at Olympic Hills and Hazel Wolf

From SPS:
On Saturday, telephone and network access to two schools Olympic Hills Elementary and Hazel Wolf K-8 were disrupted. A car accident on I-5 knocked a telephone pole across the highway and in order to move the pole, telephone and network cables were cut.

This means families are unable to call the schools directly until the cables are repaired. If you need to reach these schools, please call the following numbers:

Olympic Hills
  • Attendance 206-310-0198
  • Front office 206-491-4329 (alternate number 206-471-0784)
Hazel Wolf
  • Attendance 206-790-4224
  • Front office 206-471-2809 (alternate number 206-679-1877)
Outgoing and emergency calls from the school to families are not effected. The Department of Technology is working closely with the City of Seattle to develop a plan to restore incoming calls as soon as possible.


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