Congrats to all the Grads of 2017!

Such a happy and exciting time for our seniors and their families.

I see six (!) graduations for Monday, four for Tuesday and Wednesday and two for Thursday.

Best wishes for a wonderful time (and dry weather). 

One missive from the Superintendent about post-graduation opportunities:
South Seattle College is helping us prepare young people as they transition to college or career. Their 13th Year Promise Scholarship is helping more Seattle Public Schools students pursue the dream of higher education. The scholarship offers recipients from three high schools one year tuition, an innovative student orientation, and robust ongoing support. The expansion of the scholarship program to West Seattle High School next year is helping prepare even more young people for career, college, and life. 

Read more about our partnership with South Seattle College.


Carol Simmons said…
I attended the UNEA (Urban Native Native Education Alliance) Clear Sky 10th Annual Rites of Passage Graduation Ceremony at Nathan Hale High School last evening.

This celebration was one of the most impressive graduations I have ever experienced. The Ceremony Host was Ryan Wilson (Oglala Lakota) Founding member of the National Congress of American Indians Youth Commission and President of the National Alliance to Save Native American Languages. The Haida Lass Dance Group performed and Alyssa London, Miss Alaska, a member of the Tlingit Nation was the keynote speaker. The tribute to the graduates was given by Chair Sarah Sense Wilson who is a tireless, dedicated and impressive worker for Native Education. Seattle Public Schools Director, Scott Pinkham spoke as did the Principal of Nathan Hale High School. Other than these outstanding educators, there was not one Central Office or Building Administrator present. This is such a shame as the pride exhibited by the graduates and their families was so well earned and deserved recognition.

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