Seattle Schools Announces RESMS Mural Dedication Dates

From SPS Communications:

Construction crew stands in front of the muralsJoin us for an event to celebrate the unveiling and dedication of the Andrew Morrison's murals and Honoring Circle at Robert Eagle Staff Middle School and Cascadia Elementary.

The public ceremonies will be held July 13, 6 until 8 p.m. and August 25, 5 until 8 p.m. at Robert Eagle Staff Middle School, 1330 N. 90th St. 

Morrison's Indian Heritage Murals depict portraits of prominent historical figures such as Chief Seattle, Chief Joseph, Geronimo and Sitting Bull. The 25-foot-high, 20-foot-wide murals were designated as a City of Seattle Landmark in 2014.

Read more about Robert Eagle Staff Middle School.
Read more about Cascadia Elementary.
Read more about Andrew Morrison's murals.

end of Communications update

If you haven't driven past the site as I have, you will find these mural recreations stunning.  That said, I am amazed how little outdoor space is left at the site.  I had honestly thought between two schools, there would be a lot more of it.


NESeattleMom said…
Is Decatur opening in the fall? Is it HCC?
The Local said…
Decatur is opening in the fall and it is HCC.

Also, don't forget Licton Springs, a K-8 option school with native cultures and social justice focus located within RESMS!
SeaMom said…
And there is a city (?) pre-K located inside the new Cascadia elementary school?
Anonymous said…
Social justice give me a break. First there was ebonics now social justice.

Carol Simmons said…
UNEA was mainly instrumental in the Naming of the Robert Eagle Staff Building. They should be recognized and applauded by the Eagle Staff Family, the District, the Board and the Community for their involvement. Hopefully, the District will communicate this to the Eagle Staff family and UNEA will be invited to attend all of the ceremonies connected with the opening, dedication etc. of the Robert Eagle Staff Building.

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