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Today the City Council voted 6-0 for funding the buses for the two-tier transportation system for SPS.  I don't know who was absent/didn't vote.

Nothing from the district yet at either the website or on Twitter.

From Washington's Paramount Duty (this is for Thursday, the 15th):

Image may contain: 18 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoorGovernor Inslee will be at Garfield High School in Seattle tomorrow at 2:30 PM for education funding townhall. Come as soon as you can after school! 

Here's the Garfield football team fighting for amply funded public schools on MLK, Jr. Day at the Capitol.

On McCleary:
Inslee convened the leaders of all four legislative caucuses this morning and ruled out a 30-day “stop-gap budget” in the face of the “glacial” pace of budget negotiations.

The second 30-day special session ends June 21.


Anonymous said…
The Seattle Channel video of this 15-minute meeting is online:

I'm watching it, having been unable to watch live this afternoon. The absent councilmembers were Sawant, Juarez, and González. The first two were described as being at a special regional meeting and the third, an excused absence.

Tracy @ WSB
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Any word on when families will know school schedules for next year? Not just start/end times, but the daily bell schedule for class, breaks, lunch, etc.?

patiently waiting

(and hooray for a move back to 2 Tiers!)
I tweeted the district as I found nothing at the website. I'll let you know when I hear from them.

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