Exhibitionist at Green Lake

It appears there is a guy who frequents Green Lake - especially during good weather - who is a major exhibitionist, provocateur and "photographer."

He wears a thong with socks and shoes and that's pretty much it.  Not a great sight, frankly, and it's unclear to me if he could get a ticket/be arrested.  (I'm thinking not.)  He has a sign offering, "Free hugs and kisses."

As a provocateur, he sometimes wears a holster with a gun.  Or a knife sheath with a knife.

As a photographer, his subject of choice are women in bathing suits.  Obviously, people who sunbath at Green Lake know they are in a public place.  I'm sure most of them are aware someone could take their photo.  Well, this guy is and he puts them up at his "blog" with comments like "fun" when it's a woman with a thong bikini bottom.

One photo is clearly of two teen girls (fully clothed).  

It is one thing when a creep has a photo of you in a bathing suit or workout clothes and it's another when he posts it on the Internet. 

He also put flyers on the cars of students at Roosevelt about a rape in Mountlake Terrace that then prompted Principal Vance to send home a letter.   The police were notified about this and here's what is being said at the Next Door Ravenna page via someone who says they have an SPD source:
" we're aware of that guy. He lives on Mercer Island and comes to Greenlake every nice day and to all the festivals. He also likes to carry swords and likes to make cops have to arrest him. He's against ' the illegal knife laws in the city' and is a creeper".
His blog details him trying to crash a party at a restaurant near Green Lake where Roosevelt cheerleaders were having a party.  He came fully clothed but with an empty knife holster which mad e the manager ask him to take it off.  He did but apparently was trying to interact with the girls as the chaperones tried to fend him off.

"Creeper" is right.  FYI. 


Anonymous said…
...That's not the gent nicknamed 'CONAN' who used to go around capitol hill in his leather lioncloth and back-mounted sword c.1995-2005, is it???

Anonymous said…
The PI has done a story on this guy as he sometimes sues city officials. His photo is on his Twitter bio.


- Phssthpok
Walker said…
Thanks for letting us know about the creep that hangs around Green Lake.
Anonymous said…
Thank you. My young-adult daughter lives near Greenlake and frequents it often.
Anonymous said…
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david zaitzeff said…
Greetings folks!

This is david the creeper!

Please note that your link to my blog is not functional! The correct address is greenlakewalking.net!

Also, please note that I wrote a letter about rapes up in the Mountlake Terrace area. That is rapes with an s and not a single rape. There have been reportedly between 2 and 7 of them, depending on how much you credit the words of the 2nd victim. The administrators of MTHS are quoted in the student newspaper as saying they had been thinking long and hard about what might be done to reduce the rapes, but naturally, somehow, that did not include any fighting or self-defense training, it appears, from the story in the student newspaper of MTHS.

Also, please note that the one rape prevention education that has been shown to have strong results, as measured by a meaningful study of 1st year university students is EAAA and it includes some threat assessment training and self-defense. As for why schools such as MTHS and/or certain other schools do not teach something similar, we should be asking them.

As for crashing an event . . . I don't know if you folks noticed but the event was a public event and it was a fundraiser . . . held at a public restaurant . . .

I am not sure if you folks missed out taking Manners 101, but there is a difference between public events and invitation only one.
Anonymous said…
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