Friday, August 31, 2018

Friday Strike News from SPS

Seattle Public Schools and Seattle Education Association (SEA), the Seattle educators' union, continue to actively negotiate. On Wednesday and Thursday of this week the team spent hours going over proposals in great detail.
The joint team is making progress but don't yet have a tentative agreement. Together, they are developing salary schedules that make funding distribution transparent and to offer competitive educator salaries. 
The team is also continuing the work to reach an agreement that includes increasing staffing for the counseling program, nurses, supports for special education, expanding the number of school-based Race and Equity Teams, training for staff and substitutes, and expanded health care benefits for substitutes. The team is working hard to ensure a great start to the school year for students and a contract that honors our educators and keeps the district financially sound. 
We have every reason to believe that the team will reach a tentative agreement this weekend and that school will begin on Sept. 5. 
We realize that uncertainty causes stress for families and students. While we anticipate opening school on time, during any negotiation the district plans for multiple scenarios, including a disruption to the school calendar. This includes working with the City of Seattle, our community partners, and others to identify resources and supports for families. These will be shared, if needed, and families will be able to find them on the district's homepage if a strike appears likely. 
If a strike seems likely or is called by SEA, the district will immediately alert families through our regular communication channels including email, text, phone, website, social media, and local broadcast news. We will alert families as soon as possible.
If families don't hear from the district, it means that negotiations are continuing to progress well and 1st through 12th grade and their families should plan for the first day of school to be Wed., Sept. 5 or Mon., Sept. 10 for kindergarten students.


Update said...

Two school boards have approved a resolution that allows the school district to take legal action if teachers decide to strike.

One district threatens salary and health benefits.

Strikes are illegal. Numerous courts have declared school districts to be in violation of the law. WEA has never appealed a decision.

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Update, good luck with that

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-where the thrives are the victims