Tuesday, August 21, 2018

You've Come a Long Way, Baby (Not)

This sign - in a Houston middle school that has since taken it down - is akin to the advice that someone at Garfield paid comedian Steve Harvey to tell to Garfield's female population. I heard it didn't go over well at Garfield either.

Just as controversial is who's being quoted: Sidney Biddle Barrows. She's the so-called "Mayflower Madam," a New York City escort service owner busted in the 1980s. She reportedly said the words to her escorts.


Jet City mom said...

It’s really a shame that some adults feel comfortable with teaching children to behave dependent on how others around them act, rather than have strong core values to guide them in life.

Anonymous said...

The worst I observed was at Ballard High School assembly when the speaker (former football player/inspirational speaker) basically told the girls to wait save themselves for marriage. -TeacherMom

Jet City mom said...

The downfall of civilzation is not going to be because of consensual sex.
Humans be doin it since the beginning of time.

Anonymous said...

I missed the story from Garfield. What happened there?


Anonymous said...

Here’s the story on Steve Harvey: http://saveseattleschools.blogspot.com/2015/05/steve-harvey-at-garfield-high-school.html

Fairmount Parent