Monday, August 13, 2018

On Teachers

So great to know that Vedder understands the value of teachers.

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Let's see who else does:

- Jay Z from a Washington Post story
Before he was rap mogul Jay-Z, and before he was a teenage drug dealer, he was Shawn Carter — a quiet, withdrawn kid who read far beyond his grade level and was grappling with the trying circumstances of growing up fatherless and poor in New York’s Marcy Projects.

As the rapper tells it, in grade school, he found something of an escape in language. He’s mentioned this in interviews throughout his career, most recently telling David Letterman, “I had a sixth-grade teacher. Her name was Ms. Lowden, and I just loved the class so much. Like reading the dictionary, and my love of words — I just connected with her.”
The Seattle Education Association will be having their event this week as contract negotiations continue.  It's a rally at JSCEE on Wednesday, August 15th at 4pm.


Anonymous said...

Did you know that a teacher with the district looking to become a substitute has to go through the whole HR process again including paying to get fingerprinted again?

They certainly don't make it easy.


Anonymous said...

Yes and did they allow you to have seniority or will that start anew? Subs are the most maligned, ignored and undervalued cohort in education.

Super sub

Jet City mom said...
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Safety First said...

What is wrong fingerprints to assure student safety??

Melissa Westbrook said...

Safety First, did you read SubShortage's (short) comment? It was not maligning fingerprinting; it's having to pay for that yourself.

Anonymous said...

Safety First,

Despite having taught for years in the district, if it is beyond two years since you were last fingerprinted HR requires you to get re-fingerprinted and pay for it again. Because that is the process for new hires and they don’t have the common sense or vision to plan for a scenario in which a teacher elects to become a sub.

This is just one specific example of what makes the district dysfunctional.


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