Thursday, December 27, 2018

Seattle Squeeze? It's Going to Affect Seattle Schools

Sadly, I see no information at the SPS website but I presume everyone is on vacation.  (I also received no press release.)

However, on KUOW this morning, they reported that SPS believes it will get hit with timing issues for school bus service when the Viaduct closes forever on January 11th.  The story stated that they will be sending the bus drivers out 30 minutes earlier than usual in an effort to get to kids on time.

Given that there are still some buses not getting to students on time, this does not bode well.

Resources for your own getting around town from GeekWire.

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Anonymous said...

When the City Council voted to fund the 2-tier bus schedule, I remember it was only enough to cover the first couple years. Is there enough funding to continue with the current schedule? My kids have had numerous late or missing buses this year due to bus driver shortages and I fear that our schedules might get rearranged regardless.