Monday, December 24, 2018

To My Readers

Wishing all a merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

If you know of good lights to visit in your neighborhood, put it in the comments section.  I have always enjoyed Candy Cane Lane in Ravenna but I found a new place in Maple Leaf; it's on 14th Ave NE between NE 82nd and NE 85th (along east edge of Maple Leaf Reservoir Park.)  They have "sections" for lights including the Emerald City, Halloween, Cinco de Mayo and others.  
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Anonymous said...

West Seattle has some good incredible lights. Address is 5605 Beach Drive SW.
Love lights

Anonymous said...

Wow. Found the video from the HMS teacher. IMO the man is pretty careless to bash a big internet star like that. I really find interesting the fact that the video the student posted of the teacher is too taboo for this blog when relentless ad hominem attacks on the likes of black staff, like ED Sarah Pritchett, are amplified by the "citizen reporter" who runs this blog, despite the oozing racism that drips off the comments of some posters.


Anonymous said...

@ hh



Melissa Westbrook said...

First, this was not an open thread. It was a greeting for the season and yet, hh, you have no problem - on a holiday - being unpleasant. So thanks for that. Second, I criticize staff - across the board - no matter what their race or background. I just find - and history/evidence backs it up - that Ms. Pritchett is a singularly ineffective staff person.