Seattle Schools News Updates

Wednesday, Feb. 13th - schools are closed (again).  

Election results - both levies passed.

Operations - 65.81% Yes
Capital - 68.19% - Yes


Outsider said…
Groan. The last snowflake is forecast to melt in Seattle on March 4, so I guess no school until the 5th.
Anonymous said…
Sue Peters points out over at that the job description for the next Advanced Learning supervisor (replacing the retiring Stephen Martin) requires no significant experience with gifted education. If this is of importance to you, you may want to check out her sample letter and spend 5 minutes of your snow day writing a note to the Superintendent and Board.

--Snow Job
Thank you to everyone who voted for this. Now it's time to make our state legislators step up and fully fund basic education and lift the levy lid so that we can expand funding for our schools and kids. Oh, and it is fantastic to see the public once again repudiate the Seattle Times and their efforts to undermine our public schools.
Anonymous said…
Regarding school closures: I don’t think the issue has been so much the roads (at least here in Northwest Seattle) but the lack of sidewalk maintenance. I walked about 1/2 mile yesterday and it’s nearly impossible due to general lack of shoveling (and lack of sidewalks in places). Many times being forced to walk on the street where at least tire tracked areas are clearer.

Most of my immediate neighbors and I have been very diligent about keeping paths and drains cleared (and diverting runoff into them) and the difference is remarkable.

2 cents
Anonymous said…
2 cents,

I'm not sure exactly what the problem is in Seattle, but in the Northshore district there were multiple problems. A number of schools were still without power. As of yesterday afternoon, the Inglemoor HS parking lot still had a foot of snow.

The communication from the Northshore district superintendent Michelle Reid has been excellent.

Road Walker said…
@2 cents,

Lucky that your part of town HAS sidewalks. Things are a little trickier with rainwater runoff ditches along the side of the road (under snow), a high berm of plowed snow/slush/ice along the side, and no sidewalks.
Anonymous said…
I live on Capitol Hill. We have/had multiple road closures because of the steep hills and ice. It was difficult to get off the hill, impossible to travel on side streets, and stalled cars blocked the roundabouts. It would be hard for school buses to navigate the roads.
Caphill Parent
Anonymous said…
Relieved the levies passed. Glad snow was not an obstacle. Still work to be done though in Olympia.

A Parent

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