Friday, November 08, 2019

Good News in Seattle Schools

Tell us a good news story from your SPS community, big or small.

And go Sounders!

And go Hawks!


NESeattleMom said...

Yesterday Garfield Orchestra played Stars and Stripes at the Veterans Day assembly. Kids enjoyed it and cheered.

Anonymous said...

Lincoln High School has terrific leadership that has helped smooth the transition of opening a new school. There is true communication with families and advocacy for students at all levels - from students who need extra help to students who need accelerated opportunities. Perhaps because its a small program (600 total), nonetheless a very solid opening. Thanks to Director Burke for his vision for the school and his efforts over the past few years in having it come to fruition so nicely. And of course, tremendous thanks to the leadership and teachers. And the alumni and parents. It will be interesting to watch the rest of the roll-out of the school over the next few years.


Melissa Westbrook said...

I will start a separate thread on Lincoln, moving these comments there. I don't want this to be about one school.

Anonymous said...

There was an excellent concert to fundraise for Senior Jazz band trip at JAMS last night. Many thanks to the choir, chamber orchestra, senior jazz band, JAMS alumni from Garfield/Roosevelt jazz bands, and the special guest, performer/educator Alex Dugdale, who played sax, trumpet, and tap danced! Those kids can swing. Who needs Jazz Alley when you've got the JAMS auditorium!

round of applause

Anonymous said...

Wow, I remember when Alex Dugdale was playing in SPS Jazz bands as a student. So cool that he is still involved! Congrats on a great concert.

-band parent