Who's Running for Seattle School Board?

District 1 - Currently held by Liza Rankin

Michael Christophersen

Blaine Parce

Liza Rankin (incumbent)

Debbie Carlsen


District 2 - Currently held by Lisa Rivera Smith

Christina Posten

Lisa Rivera Smith (incumbent)

Janai Ray


District 3 - Chandra Hampson's region; she's not running and for good reason

Christie Robertson

Ben Gitenstein

Evan Briggs


District 6 - Leslie Harris' region; she's not running again

Rosie McCarter

Gina Topp

Maryanne Wood

By tomorrow, I will have interviewed  4 of the candidates; I'm still waiting for replies to my invite from six of them. I will not be interviewing the incumbents because 1) they have a track record and 2) there are taped interviews with them.


aramis said…
We gave up and are moving to a private school next year. Even if they arrest the decline in quality and standards, it will take longer than our kid has to reverse things back to where they were circa 2016 when we made the call to move where we did for an SPS school.
Aramis, I hear this a lot. Naturally, it is sad for those who can't afford private but I also hear from parents who are making a personal sacrifice in their savings and other spending to send their kids to a private school.

Meanwhile, people like Liza Rankin just put the blame on housing and birth rates.

This district continues to dig its own hole.

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