More High School Robberies in Seattle

This is all just awful. It looks like walking alone to a car could be a less favorable option so maybe tell your teen to walk in a group. Including Ballard High School, we now have robberies in the NW, NE, SE and Central areas. 

From KOMO News yesterday:

Two students of Garfield High School were robbed at gunpoint Thursday afternoon, according to Seattle police. 

Shortly before 12:30 p.m., Seattle police said they received a call about robbery that occurred at Garfield High School. The school was not in session during the incident. 

Seattle police said two juvenile victims were sitting on a bench when they were approached by roughly four people.

The suspects took both juvenile’s cell phones that were lying on the bench in the seating area, police said.

When both juveniles asked for their phones, one of the robbers lifted their shirt, showing what appeared to be a firearm handle. The robbers then left the scene shortly after the incident, police said.

The school was not locked down during the incident, and the suspects have not been apprehended.

Neither of those two students were hurt during the incident. 

Also from KOMO News on November 15th:

A student was robbed at gunpoint by four to five males after school near Franklin High School on Wednesday afternoon.

The incident occurred around 2:25 p.m. on the 3000 block of South Mount Baker Boulevard, according to the Seattle Police Department (SPD), which is about a two-minute walk from Franklin.

"A student was robbed at gunpoint after school by 4-5 male’s suspects wearing black masks," an SPD spokesperson told KOMO News via email.

Seattle police confirmed Wednesday evening they arrested two people after locating a vehicle with the aforementioned description. Officials said the vehicle matched the description the Franklin High student who was robbed gave to police. Before the school armed robbery, police confirmed a separate armed robbery occurred at around 2 p.m. in the 6200 block of 39th Ave S., but police are unsure if the two incidents are connected. However, the female who was robbed gave a similar vehicle description as the Franklin High School incident.

Police said the two suspects who were arrested were juveniles, with one of them being a 12-year-old boy. There is also a suspect who is still at large, according to officials.

Also from KOMO News, on October 24th:

A student at Blanchet High School, a private Catholic high school in the NE, was assaulted and robbed. 

A Bishop Blanchet High School (BBHS) student was assaulted and robbed while walking to her car about a block away from campus Tuesday afternoon. The incident was one of three robberies Seattle police responded to within 30 minutes.

Tuesday’s robberies happened just days after Seattle police released information about a string of armed robberies near two school campuses in Ballard. Investigators said there have been 14 reported robberies committed against students in north Seattle in the past five weeks.

In a message sent to parents, Bishop Blanchet High School Dean of Students Chris Bilanko wrote the student was a “victim of an assault and phone theft” around 4:25 p.m. while they were walking to their car. Bilanko said the vehicle was parked along North 82nd Street between Wallingford Avenue North and Densmore Avenue North, which is about a block west of campus.

The message to parents said Tuesday’s robbery and assault “involved three teenage girls jumping out of a dark gray minivan.”

About 10 minutes after the student was robbed, the SPD said officers responded to another robbery on the 1100 block of North 84th Street, which is about a half-mile west of BBHS. Police said three suspects robbed a victim in that case.


Anonymous said…
I really wish parents got some more advice on how to manage this. My son is begging me to bring mace to school - I don’t think this is a great idea but the information void is going to get filled with ideas like this if the district keeps quiet.

Anonymous said…
I don't think the KOMO reporting is entirely accurate. School was in session during the Garfield robbery on Thursday, although it was during the lunch period, I believe, and while they didn't have a lockdown, there was a Shelter-in-Place that lasted about 20 minutes.

It's certainly very concerning that criminals have realized that students are easy targets. Even if they find the individuals responsible for these robberies, I can imagine that copy-cats could want in on the action.

Garfield Mom

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