Giving Thanks for the Good Things in Seattle Public Schools

For Thanksgiving, it seems appropriate to give thanks for some of the good things about Seattle Public Schools. My list follows. Please post what you are thankful for about Seattle Public Schools in the comments.


On a personal level, I am thankful for:
  • Missa Marmelstein and Lisa DeBurle, my daughers' fabulous teachers in Pathfinder's Earth hall, teaching 2nd/3rd grade classes with an amazing mix of kindness, joy, inspiration and rigor.
  • Lou Cutler, the Pathfinder teacher who makes PE fun while helping my girls get good exercise habits, and chooses to spend his Saturday after Thanksgiving at the Seattle Kids Marathon leading a group of Pathfinder kids.
  • The PTSA leaders and other parents at Pathfinder who run a well-oiled volunteer machine with many, many adults contributing time, energy and money to support the teachers and the school.

On a more global level, I am thankful for:

  • The resignation of Raj Manhas as Superintendent.
  • The hiring of Carla Santorno as Chief Academic Officer.
  • The cancellation of Phase II of school closures and consolidations.
  • Those people (district staff, School Board members, parents, advocates, media) who continue putting their time, energy and passion into improving Seattle Public Schools despite the obstacles.


Michael Rice said…

I teach math at Rainier Beach High School. I am thankful for a supportive administration that is working incredibly hard to change the perception of RB. I am thankful for the other math teachers who are so willing to share what they know, so I can piggyback off it. I am thankful for the rest of the faculty and staff, who are so dedicated and inspiring to me. I am thankful for the students who want to learn and who understand education is the path to success. I am thankful for the involved parents; I just wish there were more of them.

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