Tuesday, November 28, 2006

PI editorial/Times op-ed today

Another reasonable editorial from the PI today, this one about having Raj finish his contract. It is well-reasoned. My favorite line is:

"The district's financial and classroom progress argues for hiring a superintendent who wants to spend years accelerating the improvements, not rethinking everything."

I wrote just as much to the mayor last night. I think starting with a new superintendent AND having an education summit would just muddy the waters. The PI has it right to say we need acceleration and, I would add, someone supporting all that Carla Santorno is doing.

Seattle Schools: Staying on track

The Times had an op-ed by Steve Pulkkinen of the SEA. He gives the realities of school funding and points out that changing the Board is unlikely to increase state funding.

Seattle schools crisis highlights need to boost state funding


Johnny Calcagno said...

A working link to the Steve Pulkkinen Op-ed is here.

My sentiments exactly!

Anonymous said...

Great editorial....I agree 100%