More International Schools in Seattle?

Articles in both the PI and the Times today report on Carla Santorno's plans to create more international schools in Seattle.

- In the Times: School district to expand its worldly offerings

- And from the PI: School district eyes adding more language-immersion programs

"The district already has the Stanford school and Hamilton International Middle School, and Santorno envisions creating language-immersion programs at five more elementary schools, another middle school and two high schools...Ideally, the district will create the programs in different parts of the city, in existing buildings where the school staff is excited about incorporating a language-immersion program, she said."


Anonymous said…
I wonder what we can do to attract that many teachers who are strong in languages?

Seattle schools have difficulty as it is finding teachers just to teach a middle or high school language class.
My daughter is a junior & it seems that she has had subs for about 1/2 the time that she has taken a language.
The fun part is, if they are a sub, they don't have to have taken it in college.

I think it is an intriquing idea, but have they changed hiring and posting practices so that Seattle is not hiring after all of the other surrounding districts?
Anonymous said…
From Seattle Times March 15, 2000:
"[...][Hamilton]'s future as an international school has been an open secret for several months. Yesterday's announcement was timed to draw attention to the language program before parents must decide which middle school their children will attend.

Olchefske, who had promised the School Board he would make Hamilton a more popular school choice, recently appointed Bryant Elementary School's former principal, Terry Acena, to run Hamilton. Parents last year overwhelmingly chose Eckstein Middle School over Hamilton.

Acena told students, parents and teachers, "We have gotten the wonderful word from Mr. Olchefske that we are going to receive m-o-n-e-y, money, to do things - mucho dinero."

Acena had warned earlier this year it would be difficult to create an international school without additional funds.[...]"

PI April 2001:
Anonymous said…
sorry bout that, the link to the PI article of April 25, 2001 didn't show up completely in that last comment.
try this:
NeonKitty said…
It's good that we have a such amount of schools in Seattle, i've sign my kid into a language school, but price of education nowadays is overexpensive. If i paying taxes, why do i also have to pay for education? We should change the educational system, it's alredy discussed on

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