City Presentation to Board on Memorial Stadium

Looking at the Board calendar, I see that someone in the City is coming to give a presentation to the Board on Memorial Stadium at 4 p.m on Wednesday (before the Board meeting at 6). I'm assuming this is just a general "here's what we have, here's what we could do, we need input".

The Seattle Times also had a front page article on the entire Seattle Center on Sunday complete with a "draw your own Seattle Center" blueprint. Both the Center House (which houses the Center School) and Memorial Stadium are key issues for SPS. While I have heard plenty of talk around Memorial Stadium, I haven't heard a peep about what might happen to Center School. I've asked Board Directors in the past and they just shrug so it makes me wonder if the District is pushing to keep Center School there or what.


dan dempsey said…
Originally the board was to have a work session on the high school math adoption at this time. That is now delayed for 2 weeks. Looks like another example of what Ms. Bass refers to as the Administrations usual tactic of "Oh my the train has already left the station too late to change anything now."

Very interesting how the District in the case of Denny/Sealth decided on a course of action with zero public input, produced a bunch of drawings etc. Then it was too late to change anything because too much was invested.

Perhaps input needs to come before investment? but only if the SPS cared to take public input into account.

Clearly the SPS is interested in only creating the illusion of hearing the public.

I liked Mr Gillmore's next to last Power Point slide from Toronto. It mentioned making the public feel heard. It said nothing about actually listening to the public.

Another mystery solved.

Perhaps the new school board can get this under control after they finish approving all the past administrative deception.
Anonymous said…
Does anyone know what was presented? Did it have anything to do with the Center School (or building a comprehensive HS at Seattle Center)?

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