Teens and Alcohol Speech by State Attorney General

From the Region Six PTSA newletter:

According to the Washington State Healthy Youth Survey of 2004: 8% of 8th graders, 15% of 10th graders and 18% of 12th grades had been drunk or high in school are least once that year.

6th graders; 1998 51.4% reported using alcohol 2004 that dropped to 30.3
8th graders; 1998 Alcohol 68.9% 2004 42.0%
10th graders;1998 84.1% alcohol 2004 60.4%
12th graders; 1998 83.0% alcohol 2004 72.6

State Attorney, Rob McKenna, will speak at Shorecrest High School on
Tuesday April 8, 2008 at 7PM in the Shorecrest theater, on the issue:
"Teens and Alcohol, and the Liabilities Parents Face." He will allow
time for questions and answers. He has children of his own, and is an
engaging speaker.

As you may know already, the Washington State Attorney General's office
has been working to decrease the number of students drinking alcohol.
For many students, the problem starts at the middle school level and
many parents are not even aware their child is drinking. Unfortunately,
there are also some parents who are of the opinion that, since "kids
will be kids," it is better to let them "get it out of their system,"
and allow drinking and parties as long as it is at their house.

Shorecrest High School PTSA website: http://www.shorecrestptsa.org/


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