Student Learning Committee meets today

Today is the first meeting of the new Student Learning Committee. The SLC is different under this Board than it was with the previous Board. First, instead of having three board directors as members of the committee, it is a committee of the whole. In other words, every Board Director is a member of this committee. Second, instead of meeting twice a month, the new SLC is scheduled to meet quarterly. That's right - only three or four times a year. That's why the committee is only just now having its first meeting. The next one will be in June.

Here is the agenda for this afternoon's marathon session.

You will notice they will update one policy. Think of all the policies they will have to update in the wake of the curriculum audit. I can't imagine they will take 20 minutes for each of them.

They will discuss the High School Math Adoption for 30 minutes. That's not much time.

They will get an update on High School Reform (whatever that is) for 45 minutes.

You might be confused by the reference to the "Advanced Placement Program" because there is no such thing. This is actually pretty typical of how poorly informed people in the JSCEE are about this stuff. Instead, they will actually get a brief written statement (two sides of one sheet) about all of Advanced Learning (ALOs, Spectrum, APP, AP and IB).


Anonymous said…
See below for synopsis of agenda. Note "SpEd Contracts" - how much and to who? Who will be contracted with the responsibility of taking care of these children, who will monitor for best practices, and how much will it cost? Is it LRE (Least Restrictive Environment)?
Note Revision to D46.01 (sic): This policy deals with who grants credit for graduation.
Note "Grant Funds": why this focus? Who is granting? Why aren't we paying our own way? Grants without operational strongs, great. Grants that dictate curriculum or facilities...hmmm: Why surrender authority to outside groups?
Note "Safety Net": The ongoing "safety net" reconfiguration...Watch and see what happens to the children who are falling out (or kicked out) of comp schools. Will comp schools be supported in keeping students in them, rather than kicking them out? Will inclusion and in-house support supplant the farming out of children to "credit retrieval" schools? What part do special ed contracts play in all this? Possibility of positive changes regarding inclusion, but also of blowback as "comp" schools and parents bemoan the lack of standardization in safety net students, try to avoid housing them (as has happened in the past, hence the existence of "safety net" AND progressive alts)

For Action:
• Revisions to Policy D4601 20min
• SpEd Contracts 20m
• Fed Grants Approval Process 20m
• HS Math Adoption 30m
• Grant Funds 15m
• High School Reform (45 min)
• Family Ed Levy Work (30 min)
• Safety Net (15 min)
• Special Education (30 min)
Notebooks to include Written Updates on:
• Bilingual Audit
• Curriculum Audit
• Advanced Placement Program
• Disproportionality /Discipline

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