Homeschooling a Right?

An interesting topic on today's Conversation on KUOW at 1 p.m.

Is Home Schooling a Right?
A court has ruled California parents don't have a Constitutional right to home school their kids. What could this mean for kids home schooled in Washington State? The National Center for Education Statistics estimates more than a million children are home schooled in the United States. And that number increases each year. We'll learn about the kids who are home schooled in Washington State. And we'll find out why parents choose to home school their children. We'll also hear from you. Do you home school; or were you home schooled as a child? Are you considering home schooling? Give us a call with your thoughts and experiences.


Anonymous said…
And how is home schooling different from non-accredited private schooling? Banning home schooling might fly in the People's Republic of California, but it would be a non-starter here. There is no movement supporting such a move.
Anonymous said…
For me, listening to KUOW is like going to the dentist, so I haven't listened to the show. (Most KUOW hosts = Tedium, short bursts of irritation, followed by more tedium.)

Anyway, I have friends in California who home school. They don't expect legal action in their future. It will be interesting to see how this decision plays out, since the ruling wasn't the goal of the original case. WenG

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