Tuesday, May 20, 2008

District Round-Up of News

I've culled these bits and pieces from around the district from newspapers and the district website.

Adult Sexual Misconduct: What All Staff Members Need to Know and Do
Wednesday, June 18
8-10 a.m
John Stanford Center, Auditorium
2445 Third Ave. S.

Good to know that the district is requiring this course given the recent problems at Broadview-Thompson and Rainier View.

Flags Taken from JS International

From the North Seattle Herald Outlook, a story about an American flag and two koi flags being stolen from John Stanford Int'l School. From the article:

"Fujino, whose daughter attends the school, explained that her mother donated the two flags to the school last year as a traditional Japanese gift. They symbolize the wish for the good health and growth of children during the month of May. (The Japanese national holiday of Children's Day falls on May 5). The flags, which are about 40 years old, were a gift from the great-grandparents to the grandparents in Tokyo and cannot be purchased anymore, Fujino said."

Very sad; maybe the thieves will read the article and give them back.

Roosevelt/Garfield are Tops Again at the Essentially Ellington jazz competition in NYC.

This from the Times and PI. Good for all our region's schools who competed. Apparently entry applications were down but the word is that other schools are discouraged by never getting in. Even Wynton Marsalis said, "I'm challenging you all to do something about Seattle and Washington."

But also, Ballard's orchestra took first place at the San Francisco Heritage Festival and their marching band took second at the Wenatchee Apple Blossom Parade.

Vote of No Confidence for Bergeson

The WEA, at their annual conference in Spokane this past weekend, voted no confidence against State Superintendent Terri Bergeson. This is no surprise given her laser focus on making the WASL the state of Washington education program. She's actually running again; good luck with that.

Memorial Stadium and Seattle Center

I'll have to write a longer piece on this one but the plans (or plan) the Century 21 Committee has come up with for Memorial Stadium will be on display this Memorial Day weekend. If you are at Folklife and get the chance, the plans are in the north end of the food court.

Bullying Prevention Conference in Everett, May 22-23, here's a link.

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