Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Nominated for ED in '08 Blog of the Year Award

I got this surprising e-mail message today:

"Congratulations! Your blog has been nominated for the ED in '08 Blog of the Year Award. Blogging has made a huge impact on the Education debate and we'd like to honor this impact by launching our first annual blog of the year award. Voting will run from now until May 14th and the winner will be announced at our 2008 Blogger Summit on May 15th."

If you want to vote for our blog, go to http://edin08.com/bloggersummit/bloggerpoll.aspx.

And if you're free next week and want to go to Washington, DC to attend this free event, click on the image below for more details.


dan dempsey said...

Well deserved; I sent the blog address in for consideration along with several comments about the fine work being done. Perhaps many others may have done so as well.

It is nice to see this recommendation is actually going somewhere. The commitment by the principal authors at this blog to our community is absolutely Outstanding.

Congratulations to all involved.

Congratulations to the authors of the many fine comments to the postings as well.

Melissa Westbrook said...

Yay for us! I'll have to make time to look at the others because, naturally, I'd like to see what else is on the education radar for others (especially in other parts of the country).

Melissa Westbrook said...

Well, I did a quick zip through the whole list of nominees (thanks Dan). Most of them are written by teachers, some appear to have advertising and/or the bloggers are paid (not a slam but just a difference between what we do here) and one appears to be almost all You Tube links.

The Joanne Jacobs and Core Knowledge seem to be the most interesting to me. Best name? The Quick and the Ed. Favorite new educational phrase? Educational Romanticism defined as "the beliefthe belief that all children can learn equally well if we just improve the schools".

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