Thursday, May 22, 2008

Think About Serving on the PTA

One other thing about the end of the year; most schools' PTAs are looking for people to serve on the Boards or fill committee chair positions.

Please, I beg of you, don't dismiss any request out of hand. Many Board jobs (at the middle and high school level) are overseeing the committee chairs, not doing all the work yourself. Many committee jobs are one day events with some prep (like step up day at most middle and high schools).

Love gardening? Most schools have a garden committee and the work can be done on weekends. Most membership chairs have 98% of the work done at home, no meetings to attend.

Like art? Volunteer to head the Art Committee if you have one or the PTA Reflections contest.

If you feel your PTA is too many of the same faces, then step up.

If you ever wonder, "Gee, I wonder how come we don't do XYZ event any more?", it's likely that no one wanted to coordinate it. If your PTA is smart, they simply let it go rather than asking Board members to do more with fewer people.

If you've ever said, "Gee, I think we should have someone doing XYZ at school.", then be the person who does it.

There are no magic fairies doing this work. Many people have jobs but still do it. If you feel like you can't do a job alone, recruit a friend to be co-chair.

One of the best indicators of a strong school is a strong PTA.

Many hands make light work.

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