Monday, May 26, 2008

Top Contender for State Superintendent Drops Out

This article appeared in today's Times; Rich Sendler, the top opponent against State Superintendent Terri Bergeson, has dropped out of the race. His wife has severe health problems and he decided to not run to take care of her needs.


anonymous said...

This is very disturbing news. Are there any other prospects out there?

dan dempsey said...

Ad hoc,

Yes .. very disturbing..Perhaps none of the above can get enough votes to win and serve. A vacant chair would have been a considerable improvement over a lot of OSPI actions over the last decade.

I've heard Rep. Bill Fromhold from Vancouver mentioned as a well qualified possible candidate. Ross Hunter suggested him a bit before Semler dropped out. No word yet from Fromhold.

Charlie Mas said...

Maybe Terry Bergeson is right and she'll be able to keep the job because no one else wants it.

What does it pay?

Jet City mom said...

What does it pay?
NOt as much as an urban school superintendent .
$240,000 for Seattle
$120,000 for Washington.

anonymous said...

Candidates still running include Randy Dorn, the executive director of the Public School Employees of Washington and former Bellevue School District teacher Donald Hansler.

Anybody know anything about these two candidates?

dan dempsey said...

Ad Hoc,

You left out David Blomstrom.

Until we get at least one more candidate I am all for none of the above.

anonymous said...

I left out Blomstrom because I don't consider him a viable candidate and am not interested in learning more about him.