Thursday, May 22, 2008

Know How 2 Go

Good articles both in the PI (and its Education blog) about this new campaign called Know How 2 Go sponsored by the American Council on Education, Lumina Foundation for Education and the Ad Council) to educate middle school and high school kids about applying for college. The PI Education blog has the 4 kind of cute and funny videos challenging kids to take the hard classes (each subject is some kind of character; Alegebra is a Roman gladiator). This is a great idea that I think should start even earlier (what if all the teachers in every elementary school had a picture of the college or university they attended and maybe even post their diploma to get kids thinking).

The four keys to getting to college according to Know How 2 Go?

1. Be a pain. Let everyone know you're going to college and need their help. Never say no, make connections, seek advice, etc.

2. Push yourself - working a little harder today will make getting into college even easier.

3. Find the Right Fit; find out what kind of school is the best match for you and your career goals.

4. Put your hands on some cash; if you think you can't afford college, think again. There's lots of aid out there.

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