Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hamilton Assistant Principal moves to become Principal at McClure

Word has come that Shannon Conner, assistant principal at Hamilton International Middle School, is leaving to become principal at McClure Middle School.  She has a child who will be attending there this fall.

This year, like others past, certainly has been a principal version of musical chairs.  West Seattle seems to have been hit the hardest.

  • Ex. Director Carmela Dellino is leaving (after a year in that post) to work for the City for the Families&Education levy.

  • The next Chief Sealth International High School principal is Aida Fraser-Hammer; she's new from Kentwood High.
  • Chandra Oatis is leaving Alki Elementary for Van Asselt Elementary
  • Rhonda Claytor has been appointed principal of Leschi Elementary, leaving Gatewood.
  • Henterson Carlisle is leaving as principal at Madison with Robert Gary, Jr. coming in as interim.
  • Bruce Rhodes moves to Sanislo as principal from JSIS as ass't principal.
  • Robert Gallagher is the next principal of Lafayette Elementary (after a lot of turnover there over several years). (He was previously at a Catholic school.)
Thanks to the West Seattle Blog for their eagle eye on these comings and goings.


mirmac1 said...

As much as some liked Dellino (as I did), what has happened in West Seattle (especially Lafayette) is emblematic of all stinks at JSCEE. Granted, we can't lay all the mess at her feet, but C'MON!

Anonymous said...

Nice score McClure

-Me go

Anonymous said...

The Superintendent's Messages for today include notices that Farah Thaxton is leaving Madrona to be the principal at Emerson and Mary McDaniel will be Madrona's interim principal.


Anonymous said...

What could anybody do, change, learn in 1 year in a school as an assistant principal, so that after that 1 year she could be a principal in another school?
Or was it actually 2 years for Ms Conner at HIMS?
Musical chair (at its best)

Cynical WS Parent said...

Yes, West Seattle is being hit hard. We have a weak board member and, now, no ED (though I liked and have the utmost respect for Carmella). The West Seattle PTAs banded together this year and made unified requests - if I were a conspiracy theorist I would think we were being punished. BUT that would give the district too much credit for being organized.

Anonymous said...

It's Chanda Oatis. Not Chandra.

Anonymous said...

Shannon Connor will stay for a long time. Lots of old friends from Lawton over there rooting for her. Congrats!

rocking it

Anonymous said...

Rocking It:
It's Ms Shannon Conner, not Connor.
And I hope you are right. We will see after we forget her at HIMS.
Musical chair

Charlie Mas said...

More turnover at Madrona. Is that really what that school needs?

Charlie Mas said...

How is it that the same people who go on and on about the need for stable leadership at the District level don't believe in stable leadership at the school level?

Melissa Westbrook said...

And the cries of inept teachers getting moved from school to school - does that not apply to principals?

Anonymous said...

Do inept teachers get moved? Isn't it all up to the principal? So ... If the principal has her head in the sand, aren't students stuck? It's all building admin choice.


Anonymous said...

Lafayette grade school is very lucky to have Mr. Gallagher as their new principal. He is a wonderful person as well as a great principle. Sorry to see him leave St. Anthony.

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