Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tuesday Open Thread

Want to review the Gates Foundation?  There's an open forum at Yelp.  Very empowering.

It is being reported that the City Council voted in unison to use the money from the school zone camera ticketing just for road/ped safety projects by our schools.  So far the tickets have delivered at whopping $3.3M (but I'm thinking that's ticketing and not money collected).  Mayor McGinn had wanted to leave those dollars in the General Fund.  Usage of the funds could include new sidewalks and repainted crosswalks.

I note that Buckingham Palace says that Kate "was delivered" of a baby boy.  Well, that's one way to put it, almost as if the stork ran the bell and handed over a baby.  Yes, that's just how it works.  (But I give William lots of credit for being there for the birth and staying the night with his wife and newborn.)

What's on your mind?


Anonymous said...

Nasty piece in the Seattle Times today about the school board.


Will election be a solution to Seattle School Board turmoil?
After two years of infighting and distrust, the Seattle School Board will get two new members in the upcoming elections, which could change the board’s troubled dynamics yet again. by Linda Shaw


dw said...

Of interest, Why Great Teachers are Fleeing the Profession. A short article in the Wall Street Journal blog.

mirmac1 said...

Also of interest: seems the U-ACT/TFA partnership hit some bumps in the road.

Who did it impact most? Those disappointed TFAers who had to go elsewhere? The UW faculty? Or the students in SE Seattle and Federal Way?

Anonymous said...

Bryant's principle (Kim Fox) is leaving for Spokane. How does that spot get filled this close to September?


dan dempsey said...

dw - thanks for the Great Teachers are leaving article..... many great teachers are staying and growing increasingly frustrated. There is an enormous leadership vacuum as politics trumps all else.

Anonymous said...

Interim principals for JSIS, Broadview-Thomson and Bryant were announced today.

JSIS - Dedy Fauntleroy from Beacon Hill
B-T - Sarah Talbot from Rainier Beach
Bryant - Dan Sanger from Jane Addams