Wednesday, July 10, 2013

In the "Huh?" Category for the Alliance

So we all know that the district signed a memo of agreement with the Alliance, UW's College of Education and the SEA to form the program, Seattle Teacher Residency.   The fact that this was done very quietly did raise some eyebrows but if the district wants to try to home-grow more teachers to serve low-income students, then it's a lot better than hiring TFA kids.

But I happened to take a gander over at the Alliance's website and saw something odd.

They are advertising for the Field Director for the program.  This is fine since the Alliance is, according to the MOA, the organizer for such program elements.

  But the resume and cover letter go to...the Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce.  Now I know that technically the Alliance staff works for the Chamber but this person is as well?

It says at the bottom:  "The Chamber is an equal opportunity employer."

Who hired the Chamber and who is overseeing THEIR work?  Will someone from the district be part of these interviews?



mirmac1 said...

The Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce is our shadow government, Seattle-style.

Charlie Mas said...

The Alliance is a subsidiary of the Chamber of Commerce.