Thursday, July 17, 2014

Another Seattle Principal Change

I received word today that Principal Pat Hunter at Maple Elementary is stepping down today.  She is retiring.  Apparently, she was well-liked.  No word on who will fill her shoes.


mirmac1 said...

I know as many who found her arrogant, as those who thought she was a good principal. The former include directors and teachers.

Anonymous said...

Was she the principal who commented about "leadership" in those math adoption emails that were obtained via public request -- the principal whom Sherry Carr then instructed the Ex Dir, Kelly A. to deal with, and he said its already been taken care of?

It sucks when principals get harassed by the glass palace for being honest and professional.

Pat was all about the kids, and was big into data - but to profile her kids to see who needed more, who needed what, to make sure every child was reached, that every family was communicated with.

-bye Pat

mirmac1 said...

She drummed a recent teacher of the year award-winner because, well, she could. I know this person and she's doing a bang up job at another school. There wasn't a MGJ initiative this principal wouldn't push. I would place her among the drunk with power clique.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Ms. Ventura said...
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Ms. Ventura said...

14 years! Yes, unheard of. What a great leader!!

Charlie Mas said...

Maple was one of the first schools in Seattle to gain notice as outperforming expectations with its demographics. Other schools in the area came to Maple to learn what they were doing and a number of these schools duplicated what they saw at Maple.

The improvements at Maple and surrounding schools are a big part of the story of the improvement at Mercer.

Love her or hate her, Pat Hunter was a pioneer at the cutting edge of educational improvement in southeast Seattle.

Andrea Leigh Ptak said...

The Graham Hill community loved Pat Hunter when she was our assistant principal. We tried to get her to replace Birgit McShane when she was moved to Daniel Bagley, but SPS sent Pat to Maple instead. Our loss was definitely their gain.
I congratulate her on her successful run at Maple and wish her well in her retirement.

Anonymous said...

Reposting this because it was posted by an anonymous source.

Wow! For someone that does not have any students at Maple nor is teacher Maple you sure have a lot to say about Pat Hunter. Pat has been exceptional leader for our school and has been an outspoken proponent of public education. We are level five school in the district we have been awarded the Washington State achievement award several years now in a row. Pat Hunter will be sorely missed at maple.

Also reposting because of the kind and accurate words. Which stand in direct opposition to the vitriol we have come to expect from Mirmac on this blog e.g. "I'd place her among the drunk with power clique." Oh please.

Actually, we'd place her among the valued school leaders group. We need more like Pat who are (were) in our schools working their tails off and less sideline stonethrowers like Mirmac who seemingly never hesitate to tear down what they could be building up.

Maple Proud

mirmac1 said...

You don't have to agree with me. And there's seems to be plenty of vitriol going around.

Anonymous said...

>>Which stand in direct opposition to the vitriol we have come to expect from Mirmac on this blog

I read this blog but rarely comment these days because of the above.

WS Parent

Anonymous said...

Make that a third. I appreciate that Melissa and Charlie do not edit most comments and let the conversation flow. Threads here around issues are generally thoughtful. But the unyielding snarky posts on peoples' character by a couple of the frequent commenters and Mirmac is at the top of the list are the big downside of this format. Too bad for everyone especially Mirmac who I believe from the frequent postings cares a lot about SPS but whose ideas I now read with an eye jaded by the commenter's style.

"another reader"

Anonymous said...

Seattle politics At Its Bestest!

Politics is bad because people (Who-Don't-Agree-With-ME!!!) and full of Vitri-oil! and Snark! and Politics is bad because (Who-Don't-Agree-With-ME!!!) won't have rational discussions, and Politics is bad because there ins't Unity! and Solidarity! (Who-Don't-Agree-With-ME!!!)

I at least the bottle cap deep acceptance of diversity is consistent - let's get rid of everyone who doesn't agree


Melissa Westbrook said...

I would somewhat agree that it's difficult when someone truly hates/loves someone and others disagree. I'll note that Mirmac's first comment was pretty even-handed.

Anonymous said...

"Another Reader" FTW.

Veteran Reader