Garfield Field Trip Assault: Continuing Questions

Update: So all I was trying to find out - from the FBI and National Park Service - is what was the date that  SPS asked them for their investigation report?  And what was the date that the district filed their FOIA request when the FBI/National Park Service said no to that request?

Those two groups now want me to file a FOIA to find out when SPS filed their FOIA. 

Kind of funny.  (I would ask the district but I'd like direct verification myself.)

end of update

1) There is a lengthy account at the Facebook page associated with the family of the student assaulted.  I do have a few questions but I'll wait and see if the family contacts me.  It is fairly well-fleshed out so they were clearly documenting as they went along (a very good thing for all parents to do should any type of school situation arise - document everything).

2) I called the Seattle office of the FBI.  The press officer sent me a statement; they aren't answering any questions.

The FBI and the National Park Service (NPS) investigated the allegations for possible violations of federal law. When we conduct an investigation we take all actions appropriate to the matter, such as interviewing witnesses, gathering evidence, and, if appropriate, referring the case to prosecutors at either the state or federal level. So, while we can’t give further details on the review of this victim’s claims, we can assure you that the FBI and the NPS have investigated the matter and pursued all appropriate actions.

Here is the page describing the process for FOIA requests:

Thanks for your understanding about the limited scope of what FBI policy determines is appropriate to say on this matter.

3) I received a correction today from SPS Communications:

The District asked for both the FBI and National Parks reports. They said we had to file via Freedom of Information. We did, and were denied access. We know the family received a copy of the report and we asked them for a copy, but that was not provided.

I find this puzzling, not so much that the FBI and Parks wouldn't give SPS the report but that it took this long to explain the connection between SPS and the FBI.  (I did follow-up with the FBI just to ask if they could give me the date that SPS requested their investigation.)  

I have a call into the National Parks service.


Anonymous said…
The post below is from the APP Blog.... "Anyone else hear about the civil rights investigation against Ingraham High school? Apparently there was enough evidence showing discrimination in the IB/IBX programs to bring in the Feds.

NB parent

July 27, 2014 at 5:09 PM"

A Neighborhood Parent
Charlie Mas said…
I'm starting to hear other stories and they all have a single theme, one that none of the District statements have addressed:

It is not a matter of having the right policies and procedures in place. The failure is the absence of any enforcement of those policies and procedures and the total lack of accountability for those who violate the policies and procedures.

The Board wants to defend itself by saying that they have good policies and procedures and that they improved the field trip policies and procedures, but the quality of the policies and procedures were never the problem. The problem is the lack of enforcement, and the Board has not stepped up their enforcement. The problem is the lack of accountability, and the Board has not stepped up accountability.
Anonymous said…
A Neighborhood Parent,

I am reposting my follow up to NB here (as well as on the APP blog):

I find NB's comment vague and would like clarification. It is my understanding that IB is the honors track at Ingraham, and that anyone who feels up to the workload can place themselves there. IBX is for APP students, so if there were a discrimination issue there it would be seem to be an APP (rather than an Ingraham) issue. I have often heard that Ingraham is an extremely welcoming place for all types of students, so this puzzles me. I have never heard anything about Feds being involved there-- NB, would you please clarify?

Anonymous said…
I have heard that Ingraham is NOT welcoming to ELL students.

Puffin said…

You might get a faster answer to your question if you make a public document request to SPS asking for copies of communications between the district and the NPS/FBI. FOIA requests can take months.
Anonymous said…
"We did, and were denied access. We know the family received a copy of the report and we asked them for a copy, but that was not provided."

Why would the family provide reports that the government would not allow the district to see?

Anonymous said…
Neighborhood Parent

Is Ingraham under investigation for Title IX or something else?


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