Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Open Thread

There's a teenaged-boy with autism missing in our are. Please take a look at this photo in case you see him.

In one big difference between Seattle and Spokane school districts (in addition to Spokane being a charter authorizer), apparently they don't feel the need to expand at the administrative level nor give raises.  From The Spokesman-Review:

As Redinger (Spokane's superintendent) said in Friday’s Spokesman-Review article, “It used to be you moved to the district office for the pay increases. We’ve shifted that. We have changed how the principals operate within the district; they move in and out of the district office to do work.”

Principals now have input on curriculum decisions. And their pay is increasing 1.5 percent without setting off a chain reaction of increases at the central office.

When she was hired, Redinger was touted as an energetic change agent, and she’s followed through. She’s thinned the bureaucratic layers, even though a state audit showed the district spent less on administration than comparable districts in the state.

Lines from The Princess Bride that teachers could use when grading high school/college freshman student essays.

Only community meeting tomorrow is with Director Blanford from 10 am to noon at the Douglass-Truth library. 


Patrick said...

I am kind of amused at all the publicity about super moons. They are not "much" bigger than normal full moons, they are slightly bigger, probably not enough to notice unless you're paying close attention. There are so many more interesting astronomical phenomena!

mirmac1 said...

What is cool Patrick is the low tides! : )

Louis said...

Stephan Blanford takes a moment to represent Seattle School Board's support of Universal Pre-School program in the public lime light. What hard questions did Blanford ask of the city? How did Blanford advocate for the district ..considering Banda complained about the city not involving Seattle Public Schools?

Lastly, do you think Blanford will frame the shiny pen given to him by Ed. Murray?


Anonymous said...

Should Seattle consider hiring away Spokane's superintendent? I like less money in admin.


Benjamin Leis said...

I remember finding a reference to what Spokane was doing with math curriculum during our math adoption.


This type of process is nothing I'd want to import to our district.

Eric B said...

I just received an update from SPS about the process for replacing Banda. No big shocks here--the Board will hold a special meeting in the next couple of weeks to assign an interim. They have been meeting in executive session to determine next steps.

Christina said...

Evan Stocker, an autistic teen boy with Asperger's, has left home before (April 2012, located in Lynnwood). He could be attempting to camp out, as he's a fan of the TV show "Survivor Man" and was found while camping out in early 2012. He also is a frequent passenger on public transit.

Anonymous said...

Shall we swap Sacramento Banda for the Kings to even things out a bit?


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if SPS actually updates the waiting list info over the summer? We filled out enrollment forms for the schools my kids are scheduled to attend, and I'm sure others did the same.

I'm POSITIVE there are many APP middle school kids who will not be filling their guaranteed spots at Garfield and would bet that at least some of their parents have filled out the form indicating this, and yet my son hasn't moved on the list from his original spot(still 15th).

If anyone from SPS is reading this, when you do you start updating the list? The earlier the better as far as getting kids mentally prepared for a change.

-SPS parent

Lynn said...

SPS parent,

I don't think your chances are good. There are 476 freshman projected at Garfield next year. As the school's capacity is just under 1,600, they need to keep each class near 400. Last year only 7 of Garfield's 382 freshman received open choice assignments to the school.

If it makes you feel any better, I think the days of APP's guaranteed assignment to Garfield are almost over. There are just too many students enrolling in the program in the north end. APP enrollment for next year is projected to be 307 in 8th grade, 320 in 7th grade and 452 in 6th grade.

mirmac1 said...

I'm curious if anyone went to Blanford's meeting....?

Anonymous said...

I'm curious why anyone would bother going to Blanford's meeting


(tongue firmly in cheek - God bless anyone who wants to try and invest their energy educating him, truly; I just see it as a fool's errand)

Anonymous said...

Anyone know about which three schools participated in this?


ST Reader

Christina said...

Missing teenager Evan Stocker found, reported by Seattle Police.

Disgusted said...

I'm afraid #BlanfordWTF is correct.

Blanford was backed and funded by those wishing to carry-out the agenda of Seattle's business community.

I wouldn't waste my time going to his meetings. Your comments and concerns will fall on deaf ears.

mirmac1 said...

Kind of like Sundquist's meetings. With the same snark, assuredly.

mirmac1 said...

Salon is reporting that some Democratic leaders are waking up from their torpor.

Michelle Rhee’s minions meet their match: New anti-charter group declares war

High-profile Democrats -- from Donna Brazile to Jennifer Granholm -- are saying enough is enough re: charter-mania