Monday, July 28, 2014

National PTA Sponsoring Common Core Ads on Facebook

Photo: Looks like PTA needs higher standards! This Common Core Facebook paid advertisement is missing an important verb. I would guess if you are a PTA member and on Facebook, these PTA-sponsored ads will pop up on your Facebook page.

Would be nice if someone had proofread it first. 

Disappointing that National PTA is going this direction rather than having a real conversation about the issue and parents' concerns.


Anonymous said...

That's it. I cannot give one penny to our PTA.

And yet, I want to be a member of my children's school PTA because, basically, I want to vote on the school's PTA budget. They always seems to be so dense about how to spend it... So, in the past, I have 'just' joined but with a zero donation, and instead funneled my donation directly into the classrooms (bought tons of books and supplies for the classrooms, art supplies for the PCP teacher, recorders for F&RL kids, and lots of food for the teacher's lounge). Until and unless there is an 'equalization plan' for all Seattle PTAs, I have no incentive to give directly to our PTA. (If there is equalization, then, my 'black market' dollars will come above-board, so that all schools can pool and pull together for all kids -- but that is just me. Clearly, I am an outlier.)

I grimace that even $1 of mine will funnel up the food chain to go to the national PTA. I would much rather have a PTO at our school. Less rigmarole, less politics.

Bless those who are super-supports for PTA, 'believing in the cause'. But, one can advocate powerfully for public education without the PTA infrastructure, baggage, and costs.

Sorry, but, advertising for common core? Maybe this is a mistake - and someone usurped their logo and stuck it on an ad. Hard to believe they would advocate for something so controversial and unproven. I assumed they would push for things like better quality nutrition in lunches, more money in the classroom from all levels of government, etc.

I wish them all well, but,

I'm out

dan dempsey said...

Hey I'm Out,

Gates was a big donor to the PTA.
Looks like he successfully bought PTA support for Common Core.