Thursday, July 17, 2014

Seattle Schools Interim Superintendent to be Announced Tomorrow

Update: The Modesto Bee reports that Jose Banda has been named that  district's new superintendent.  It was a 6-1 vote, with one trustee "dissenting."  Superintendent Banda will be making $290K per year.  He is expected to start on August 1st. 

I wish him luck but am disappointed he walked away in less than two years.  Maybe the kitchen was just too hot for him.  I think a smart leader, who knows how to work with different groups, would find Seattle a good place to be.

end of update.

Heard from SPS Communications: 

The Seattle School Board will hold a special meeting at 4:15 p.m. on Friday, July 18 to select an interim Superintendent to lead the District for the next year, as Superintendent José Banda is expected to be appointed as the next Superintendent of the Sacramento City Unified School District tonight. 
The meeting will be televised live on Cable Channel 26 and streamed live on the Internet. Visit http://bit.ly/WatchSchoolBoard

I did verify that the Board will be debating candidates, choosing one tomorrow and, as well, may vote in a contract for that candidate at the meeting.

This is an open public meeting.  I will be sitting in on the press conference that is to follow at 5 pm.

Any burning questions I should ask? 


Catherine said...

To ask:
What does the School Board plan to change in the recruitment process, job description, application requirements, and interview process to get us a super who will stay more than 3 years?

Would they consider allowing asking the super to describe how they might identify their ideal candidates for three lieutenants to assist them. Include asking the candidates what those ares might be.

mirmac1 said...

I'd say a) we had the huge public engagement committee two short years ago; b)the overpriced marginally effective search consultants; and c) we are where we are now. Let's not repeat this process.

Anonymous said...

According to the Modesto Bee, Banda was voted in as the new Sacramento Super. tonight.


"Bees" are sure popular in the Central Valley. ;-)


Anonymous said...

To explain..."Bees" are super important to agriculture. A third or crops exist because of bee pollination. The Central Valley of California in the past has produced 80% of the fresh produce for the USA - just thought amusing that two newspapers from the valley are named the "Bee".

A bit of mundane agri. humor.


Catherine said...

oh mirmac1 - I agree... I was just trying to not lead the witness... so.to.speak.

Just Saying said...

Banda should have provided the district with 6 months notice before leaving. Should we expect a financial penalty?

Charlie Mas said...

I presume that he will surrender six months salary in lieu of notice.

Ha ha ha ha ha. We all know that members of the management class - and especially the executive class - are held harmless from any regulations or contracts. Sure, we had to give Dr. Goodloe-Johnson a full year's pay to dismiss her (even though we had cause), but Mr. Banda owes us nothing for violating the terms of his contract.

Ed said...

Were I to attend, I'd ask if he could please take his whole enterage with him?

Anonymous said...

exactly right Charlie but what about the search team and the coach that gave us such a high standing ethical leader who takes a year to learn the district and then when he sees what is up, moves on?

Remember when your parents went away for the week and then came home looking for the evidence of your wrong-doing to be somewhat disappointed that there was none(?) Me too!

I mention this because I had older siblings who were "in charge" and I had to keep them in check while my parents escaped (frequently)...

JB = my parents
Tolley/Staff = my wayward siblings(?)

We shouldn't anticipate a new change agent at SPS as they are hard to come by and sometimes they take us in the wrong direction (MG-J vs JS).

What we should hope for is someone to get rid of those "siblings" that keep thinking this is their party-time and disregarding the will of the parents who send their kids to this district. Hopefully MAC overruling is the first step towards true oversight by the SPS' SB. Because dammit we need it now. And if WE put Tolley or one of those JB enablers in charge watch out.


mirmac1 said...

I've got my fingers crossed about who will get the interim then permanent position.

Meanwhile, Banda's new home newspaper is not particularly excited about him:

Editorial: Little exciting about next Sacramento school chief

Carol Simmons said...

I would ask if the Interim supports Charter Schools? and TFA recruits?
I would ask if the Interim will implement the DTF (Disporportionality Task Force) recommendations.(all 4 DTF's),
In fact I would ask if the Interim had ever heard of the DTF recommendations and if so what are they?

I would also ask if this Interim will keep the promise to revitalize the Indian Heritage High School and fund it appropriately and name it after Robert Eaglestaff.

And I would ask what he/she intends to do about policies which exclude students from participation in school related activities..and if she/he believes that school related activities such as Athletics is a privilege or a right.

And I would ask how she/he intends to change the restrictive and punitive policies placed upon Special Education students.

And what the Interim would do to desegregate integrate the Schools and the programs in the schools.

Anonymous said...

Less than two weeks notice, oh unless he thinks that going public with his candidancy counts in his mind. Only held his prior superintendent jobs for at most four years. I wouldn't hire him as that is a poor employment history.

Best wishes Sacramento.


reader47 said...

How much "power" does an interim supt. really have? Enough to make a "useful" change in something (whatever that might be - I'm sure we all have our own priorities).
I always think of "interim" as "placeholder" - a stand-in until the real deal comes along.
I would like to see SPS choose a new Supt who has some guts to standup to the outside manipulators in this city - I don't hold much hope- but it would sure be lovely.

Lynn said...

Dr. Simmons,

Do you have a vision for the revised Indian Heritage High School that you could share? From what I've been able to find online, the original had less than 200 students when Mr. Eaglestaff was the principal. Would a program within Ingraham or Chief Sealth be appropriate? Alternatively, if AS #1 is a good fit for the community, would NOVA be an appropriate setting? They will have additional capacity when they open next year.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't waste time looking for someone who promises a long stay here. Promises get broken with or without intent. I want a leader who takes a page from the medical profession: First do no harm. I think this was Banda's operating principle even when reality was imperfect.


Anonymous said...

I would like to know what the Interim knows about special education in SPS and in the law, beyond a few obviously politically correct-sounding platitudes. That fallback on platitudes has been a huge shortcoming of Mr. Banda for students with disabilities, in my opinion. Very uninspiring and lacking in leadership.


Carol Simmons said...

Dear Lynn

Thank you for your continued interest in the Indian Heritage High School.
To respond to your question, the school should be placed again on its sacred site at Wilson Pacific and the Building named after Robert Eaglestaff. The District let the school fail and should revitalize it by dedicating resources in funding (both human and financial) and recruiting students and staff for its revitalization.

Lynn said...

Dr. Simmons,

If the district followed FACMAC's advice and built a large comprehensive high school there and named it for Robert Eaglestaff would that fulfill the promise? There could be a Native Heritage Academy akin to Ballard's academies within the school.

I think this would be a good plan - but I don't expect there's a chance it's going to happen. I understand the frustration the community feels over this - but I am a practical person. Given that the district is going to build elementary and middle schools on the site, what would be the next best solution for these students?

Anonymous said...

Change begins in the classroom.

Parents need start demanding improved competencies in all areas from every teacher. We need to support teachers who follow the laws and do the right things, but remove those who don't and do it quickly.

Make sure your school principle understands they are and the school's staff are public servants and your children are their customers.

I'm not a big fan of the PTA they serve mostly as a fund raising body.
Parents need to form alternative groups to deal the issues PTA wont.
(Most teacher related issues)

If you keep waiting for top down change you are fooling yourself.

Stop the JS myths